What Is A Sober Living Facility and How Can It Benefit Me?

When you are in the routine of using or drinking daily, you may stop hanging out with your friends and begin to neglect familial responsibilities. Hobbies probably have faded into the distance and your sense of self has become muddled. Drugs or alcohol have taken the place of most everything else in your life. Thankfully, sober living houses can aid you in building a new support system: a sober one.

The concept of sober living houses began in the State of California. The need for these types of placements became prevalent in the 1960s and 1970s and continued to have a widespread need. Since they are not considered actual treatment centers they fall outside of the governing of state licensing agencies. However, they do tend to emphasize attendance at 12-Step meetings and encourage peer support. Typically, the facilities adhere to a peer-oriented model of recovery.

When sober living houses were first established they were considered “dry hotels” or “lodging houses.” Typically, landlords or managers had the largest influence on the houses. Unfortunately, this left room for a lack of peer support and a deficiency regarding 12-Step guidance. There are still some sober living houses that do adhere to a “strong manager” approach instead of a democratic model.

Features of Sober Living Homes

What Is A Sober Living Facility and How Can It Benefit Me?

One main feature of sober living houses is that they have an alcohol and drug free atmosphere for those people who are trying to avoid the use of any alcohol and drugs. Another aspect of these placements is that there are not any official treatment services, even though 12-Step meetings, such as AA or NA, are strongly encouraged. Those living in these homes are obligated to conform to compliance with the specific house’s guidelines. These rules probably include staying sober, paying rent and any other dues, partaking in house responsibilities, and being present at house assemblies.

Oxford houses are one of the core sober living homes. 76% of those living in an Oxford house attend 12-Step meetings at a minimum of once a week. They are financially independent sustaining off the fees of its residents. These houses are democratic in nature regarding how they are run.

An Alternative Recovery Placement in Burns, Tennessee

Just as different types of places can aid in obtaining sobriety, a combination of options can increase your chances of sustained recovery. One option that correlates well with sober living is Discovery Place, located in beautiful Burns, Tennessee. We understand that a support system is essential for your sobriety and encourage 12-Step guidance as well as have trained staff who are in recovery themselves to guide you on your journey. We utilize literature approved by the General Service Conference of Alcoholics Anonymous. At Discovery Place, we understand how much of a financial burden active addiction can be. We strive to provide costeffective treatment and offer financing and scholarship options. Call us today at 1-800- 725-0922. We are here for you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to help you begin your new life.

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