Long Term Recovery

Guys at 30-day rehab in Nashville, TN.

Phase 2: Long Term Recovery

Long Term Recovery, or LTR as it is commonly called, is Discovery Place’s second phase of our 12 step immersion program. After the initial 30 day rehab on our main campus, our guests will transition to our facility located 15 minutes away in Dickson, TN. There, they will have an opportunity to apply what they’ve learned at Discovery Place in a safe, supervised environment where the goal is to have successful long term sobriety. The guests will have more accountability with house chores, cooking, cleaning, and other light responsibilities as a group. 

What to Expect: A Holistic Approach to a New Way of Life

At LTR guests will start to work with a 12-Step sponsor and continue the journey through the steps of AA. We offer a safe environment to open up and start to work on what the issues are beyond the physical addiction to drugs and alcohol. The guests will have a guide, as they did on main campus, to help walk them through their stay at LTR. Family will be kept up to date via weekly phone calls from Discovery Place guides. 

We strive to offer a fun and structured weekly schedule for the guys. Having fun in recovery is a must, and there are several weekly outings for the men in LTR. We provide all food and transportation while at LTR. We provide a daily trip to the gym in the community. There are several volunteer opportunities for the guests as well. This is part of a holistic approach to a new way of life which includes spiritual, emotional, social, and physical maintenance.

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