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There’s an old quote that “it takes a village to raise a child.”

Well, recovery from addiction is similar in many ways.  We say this from a place of experience. Anyone who has ever trudged the road to real recovery has discovered that there is no going at it alone. There must be a team of people that are willing to surround the newcomer, to offer support through experience and direction, so that he may find what he is looking for: freedom from drugs and alcohol and peace of mind. 

Discovery Place is always looking for people, organizations and foundations that have the same goal in mind. To team up and go alongside the newcomer on their journey into the good life. 

A Few of Our Partners

We have close relationships with detoxes in the greater Nashville area. We also work with detoxes in Jackson, Pulaski and Savannah, TN. 

Run to the Cross Foundation is a big supporter of Discovery Place. They are located in Florence, AL and have helped over 100 men go through the program. You can read more about them here:

The Matt Koon Foundation has played a major role in getting men the help they need. They work with people from Kentucky, exclusively. So if you or your loved one is from Kentucky, get in contact with us and see what options are available. 

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Legacy of Service

There are three legacies in the 12 step communities. Recovery, Unity and Service. In honor of the third legacy, service, we are honored to get involved where we can. 

Guests in our 2nd phase go to Second Harvest Food Bank once a week to help put together meals for those in need. 

Once they’ve moved on into our 3rd phase, the guys make their way over to Bethany Retreat House in Dickson, TN every friday and do some groundskeeping, cleaning and building for the women in the convent. 

If you’re an organization that needs volunteers, we’d love to see how we can help. Contact us today! 

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