The Discovery Place Addiction Recovery Program

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Outside of Main Chapel House at addiction treatment center and rehab in Nashville

12 Step Immersion in the Hills of Middle Tennessee

Discovery Place is a 12 step spiritual retreat for men struggling with alcoholism and drug addiction. We are not a conventional, insurance based treatment center. This means we are not beholden to insurance companies requirements on what to say or how to treat alcoholism and drug addiction. Instead, we employ an approach using the 12 Steps.

We have seen countless lives transformed through learning how to practice the spiritual principles of the 12 steps, so we know it works! As a guest at DP, you will be guided through the practical application of the 12 steps, as a way of life. We strongly believe, based on the evidence in our own lives, that this enables the addict or alcoholic to become “unthirsty” for the drink or drug in the first place. We believe that the “inner work” inherent in the 12 step way of life is essential for long term sobriety and a life that is happy, joyous, and free.

How it Works

The Discovery Place program consists of three phases. While you do not have to commit to all three phases now, studies have shown that long term sobriety outcomes drastically increase after 90 days of inpatient treatment. All phases of our program are residential, meaning you stay on one of our campuses with 24/7 staff availability. Here is a brief description of each phase:

Phase 1: Steps 1-5

30 Day Rehab

Phase 1, 30 day rehab, is where willingness meets opportunity. We believe that having the willingness to stay at Discovery Place is all you need to begin a fresh chapter in your life. We don’t believe in coming to treatment for “the wrong reasons”. Willingness is all that is required. Our first goal is to make our guests feel comfortable and get them acclimated. Our staff members, called Guides, have all been guests themselves, and know exactly how it feels to be new to sobriety and new at DP. They will be with you each step of the way through Phase 1.

Fear, resentment, anger, and simply being uncomfortable with early sobriety are all common emotions new guests wrestle with. Our goal is to help each guest over these hurdles, and show them the way out. We do this by sharing our own experiences of addiction and recovery. We believe there’s no one better suited to help an addict or an alcoholic than someone who has personally been in their shoes.

Each Guest is guided through the first 5 steps of the 12 step program with one-on-one meetings and small groups. This approach has shown to be incredibly effective for alcoholics and addicts in attaining sustainable recovery.

Phase 2: Steps 6-9

Long Term Recovery

Alcoholism and addiction are diseases which center in the mind, meaning they don’t go away just because we have abstained from drugs and alcohol. In fact, many of the “underlying issues” that cause us to drink and use in the first place become apparent after a period of sobriety. In our experience, most alcoholics and addicts need time to adjust to their new sober lives, and there is more work to be done after the initial 30 days. 

We have found that it takes many of our guests more than 30 days to “let their guard down” and learn to form healthy relationships with other men, family, and society at large. Many alcoholics and addicts have been presenting a character for years, and Phase 2, long term recovery allows them the space and time needed to be themselves. In Phase 2, you will be guided through steps 6-9 of the 12-step program, addressing character defects, practicing humility, and learning how to make amends for past behavior. This phase allows us to get to the root of the problem, not just its symptoms. This gives our guests the opportunity to begin living with integrity and dignity. Our hope for every guest at DP is for them to have long term sobriety and contented, useful lives.

Phase 3: Steps 10-12

Step Down Program

Step Down is our transitional program designed for taking responsibility for one’s own recovery and reintegrating back to life. With the help of a Guide, the guest will learn how to integrate the program of recovery taught during Phase 1 and 2 into everyday life. He will actively be working with a 12 step sponsor, and continue practicing the 12 steps, with an emphasis on steps 10-12. He also will address any needed life skills; holding down a job while sober, budgeting finances, individual grocery shopping, time management and other life skills that need to be addressed per individual upon request.

Step Down Care Provides:

  • More freedom to explore your recovery
  • A Guide to help navigate your recovery
  • Transportation
  • Help with budgeting
  • Supervised environment to start working and having a vehicle
  • Gym Membership
  • Access to food stamps (if needed)
  • Outside activities
  • Volunteer opportunities at DP and in the community
  • Treatment exit plan

Step Down Goals Include:

  • Continued work with sponsor and the steps
  • Get all documents and IDs needed for employment
  • Search for and find employment
  • Expand your recovery network within the community, such as rides, hanging out, calling other alcoholics
  • Become an asset to family, friends and the community