Continuing Care and Community

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Our goal is for every guest to get the very best care.

At Discovery Place, we believe that care should extend to before, during, and after their stay with us.

We stay in contact with guests after they leave Discovery Place. We do not accept insurance and are therefore not beholden to their mandates for treating alcoholism. Many other facilities have a 2 year “no contact” rule. We think this is a major hindrance to the recovery process. As an alumni of DP, you will get weekly check ins from staff for the first 4 months, bi-weekly check ins for the next 4 months, and once a month check ins for the remainder of your first year after you have left our program. 

Maintaining relationships in recovery is absolutely vital, and Discovery Place has a reputation for offering the very best aftercare. 

The Renewal Program

As an alumni of DP, you are also eligible for The Renewal Program. This program is for alumni who may be struggling, or who simply want to come back for a week to rest and recharge. 

If you have remained sober, you can come back to the Discovery Place main campus for 1 week FOR FREE. The Renewal Program may be used 1 time per year FOR LIFE. We are not aware of another program in the country that offers aftercare like this.


Alumni Welcome

We also offer numerous volunteer opportunities for alumni of DP. If you are an alumni, you are welcome here.

Whether it’s helping out in the kitchen, sharing your story, or leading a 12-step group for new guests, we not only want you to come back, we need you to come back. Volunteers are the lifeblood of Discovery Place, and service work is one of the primary principles of recovery.