30 Day Rehab


Phase 1: The first 30 days

Discovery Place’s initial program, or “main campus” as we call it, is a 30-day residential retreat that sets the stage for lifelong sobriety. Resting quietly in an idyllic countryside, men get the highly needed separation from drugs and alcohol to start their new life of sobriety.

Most people begin treatment with a “detox plan” to safely detoxify from alcohol and other drugs. Then they are ready to move into a treatment program like ours. Our admissions team works closely with several detox facilities statewide to help facilitate a safe, “door to door” transition to sobriety.

Intro to the 12 Step Immersion

Discovery Place’s program of recovery is called 12 step immersion. Phase 1 of our program gives you an in-depth introduction to the 12 Steps. We teach you how to work the steps and apply the spiritual principles behind them in daily life. Working directly with their guides as well as with each other, guests will learn how to stay sober, live a useful and purposeful life, and be free to make healthy, responsible choices.

The disease of addiction never takes a day off. Guests learn how to identify the root causes and conditions of their addiction. They learn to understand the thought process that precedes a relapse, therefore avoiding another downward spiral into addiction. We also guide them towards healthy habits, sometimes as simple as making their bed every morning.

What to Expect from the 30 Day Program

Personal Recovery Guides: Real-World Sobriety Support

One-on-one guidance from a personal recovery guide, not a counselor, with a real-world action plan for maintaining sobriety (these guides are in recovery and have often been previous guests at Discovery Place).

Daily Exploration of 12 Steps Principles with Staff and Guest Speakers

Daily studies with staff and special guest speakers exploring the principles that embody the 12 steps.

Friday Night Chip Celebrations: Alumni Speaker Meetings on Sustaining Sobriety

Friday night chip celebrations and speaker meetings where alumni come back to show how they are staying sober out in the world.

Building Lifelong Sober Connections: On and Offsite 12-Step Meetings

On and offsite 12-Step meetings to see recovery in action and build relationships that will continue to help them stay sober for a lifetime.

Start Your Day Right: Morning Meditations and Spiritual Discussions

Morning meditations and discussions begin each day in a healthy, spiritual frame of mind.

Fun in Recovery: Recreational Activities for Enjoying Life Substance-Free

Recreational activities such as fishing, cornhole, volleyball, board games, frisbee golf, horse shoes, basketball, trivia and the like all demonstrate having fun and enjoying life without substances.

Nutritious Daily Meals and Late-Night Snack Haven: Culinary Comfort in Recovery

3 healthy meals prepared by our kitchen staff per day as well as a fully stocked guest kitchen with snacks and comfort foods for the late night snacker.

Tailored Guidance for Lasting Success: Personal Recommendations on Departure

Personal recommendations tailored to the guests specific needs upon leaving.

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