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Asking for help is never easy.

Picking up the phone and asking for help can feel like the hardest thing we’ve ever done. We get it. Every member of the Discovery Place Admissions team has been a guest here. So, we know just how heavy that phone can feel. Our hope is that by calling us, you get to speak with someone who knows exactly what you’re going through. Maybe for the first time.   

Give us a call. We’ve lived your life in some capacity, and that’s what qualifies us to have these tough conversations. We didn’t go to school to learn how to help alcoholics and addicts, we are alcoholics and addicts.  Whether Discovery Place becomes the next step in your recovery journey or not, we’ll do whatever we can to help you find the best possible help for you. Our guys in admissions will get you hooked up with programs we love and trust so that you can find answers sooner, rather than later. 

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Discovery Place is an insurance free, non-profit spiritual retreat.

We don’t take insurance for several reasons. Here’s why:

1. Freedom in Treatment

If a 3rd party payer such as an insurance company covers the cost of treatment, they get to dictate what type of treatment you receive. Most often, this does not cover a 12 Step based treatment approach. They endorse models that include medication and psychotherapy. These approaches also cost money and there is profit to be made for the pharmaceutical companies or the service providers.

Discovery Place doesn’t take issue with insurance companies making a profit from helping alcoholics and addicts recover, but we do believe that the best way to help men and women get sober is by one alcoholic helping another.

We believe that experience is a priceless currency and is the most effective way to reach other addicts and alcoholics. Discovery Place is fully staffed by alumni, alumni that have lived and survived the addicted lifestyle. So instead of involving people that don’t understand, we’ve decided to stick with what has been working since the 1930s. One alcoholic helping another, one day at a time. 

2. Clinical Approach Isn’t Enough

Discovery Places has a non-clinical approach to recovery. We’re not against doctors, medicine, therapists, psychology or the like. In fact, we believe that those areas can play a big role in the process of recovery, but we also emphatically believe that those approaches alone aren’t enough. Most people in recovery these days seek additional help outside of the 12 steps, as they should. Most of us have traumas that need to be dealt with, there’s no sense in denying that. But, our experience shows us that trauma work, medications, clinical diagnosis, etc. before a stable foundation in recovery first can be useless. If someone is still drinking and using, medical diagnosis or trauma work can’t be very effective.

3. Recovery Isn’t Always on Schedule

The final reason we don’t accept insurance is because insurance companies have limitations on days that they will pay for someone to be in treatment. If your insurance company decides that you relapse too often, they will cut off benefits because they won’t pay for you to keep going back to treatment. Or if you’ve been in treatment longer than they’re willing to pay for you to be there, they will also cut benefits. Meaning, you could be two weeks into treatment and then be asked to leave because your insurance no longer is willing to pay for you to stay.

Paying for Discovery Place

So how does one pay for Discovery Place? If we don’t take insurance, then what are the options for payment? 

30 Day Rehab

Phase 1, the first 30 days, costs $7500 at Discovery Place. Our pricing is competitive with most peoples deductible/out of pocket costs if they were to utilize their insurance for treatment. Treatment at most reputable places costs anywhere from $25,000-$35,000.

Phase 1: Start Here

Long-Term Recovery

Phase 2 costs $6500 (Additional 30 Days on our LTR Campus)

Phase 2: Optional

Step Down Care

Phase 3 costs $3000 (Additional 30 Days in our Step Down Program)

Phase 3: Optional

Don’t let these prices deter you from calling us. Scholarships are contingent on a few different factors, but are available.

See the scholarship applications here.

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