The Discovery Place Experience

Discovery Place is a small, intimate and peaceful campus.

Our campus provides the perfect backdrop for men to put down the drugs and alcohol and learn how to love one day at a time. Guests will have the opportunity to “unplug” and focus on their recovery in our beautiful countryside setting. Our guests appreciate the feeling of being at home here, and not feeling like they’re in a hospital.


Real Stories of Recovery

Discover inspiring stories from recovering addicts who have found hope and healing. These personal testimonies highlight their challenges and triumphs on the road to recovery.

Take a Virtual Tour

Our 17-acre recovery retreat is located in Burns, Tn, about 30 minutes from Nashville. Our long term facility is conveniently located in nearby Dickson, Tn. Watch the video and get a feel for our peaceful, countryside setting.

Our Community

man fishing outside of drug and alcohol rehab in Nashville, TN.

Enjoy Your Life in the Perfect Environment for Recovery

While early sobriety is difficult for most of us, at Discovery Place, we wholeheartedly believe that it is vital our guests learn to enjoy their lives. The food is excellent and our facilities are clean and simple. We have a volleyball court, pool table, Frisbee golf, gym, a basketball hoop and two ponds stocked with biting fish. These amenities provide an incredible opportunity for our guests to spend time outdoors and learn to live the good life.

Staffed by Men in Recovery

The Discovery Place experience is built around the belief that an addict or alcoholic’s dark past will become their greatest asset. We have been where you have been, and have found a way out. We are convinced that the message of recovery is delivered best by those who live it, not by insurance companies or medical staff who have never known what it is like to drink and use the way we did. 

We also know that brotherhood and community are essential to long term sobriety and a contented useful life, and Discovery Place’s Recovery Community is second to none. 

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