Why Discovery Place

The Best Long Term Sobriety Success Rates Since 1997

Discovery Place has been helping men and their families recover since 1997, with some of the best long term sobriety success rates in the country. You would be hard pressed to go to a 12 step meeting in the Middle Tennessee area and not find sober DP alumni who are involved in the recovery community and helping others stay sober.

discovery place nashville offers long-term addiction treatment.

“Design for Living”

Upon check in, our guests are immediately shown not only how to get sober, but how to stay sober one day at a time. Our mission is to give each guest a “design for living” that enables them to have a life of meaning and purpose. Our experience shows that recovery is an “inside job”, meaning that we must do the internal work so that a drink or drug is no longer necessary. We must become “unthirsty.” Practicing the 12 steps makes that possible.

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12 Step Recovery, Long Term Community

Whether you live in the Middle Tennessee area or across the United States, we show you how to get involved in the worldwide fellowship of 12 step recovery.  Many insurance based treatment centers must adhere to the rules, regulations, and curriculum set forth by the insurance companies. While this is by no means a bad thing, where does that leave the addict or alcoholic once they leave treatment? Many times insurance based treatment centers will suggest going to 12 step meetings after treatment, which leaves many feeling lost and confused because they have no real experience with the 12 step community. Many have stopped drinking, but still don’t know how to live without alcohol as a part of their daily routines. Sadly, many simply go back to their old life with little to no defense against the first drink or drug. At Discovery Place we believe in starting with what works in the long term, not quick fixes.

Unlike insurance based treatment, Discovery Place employees are able to remain in contact with our guests after they leave! Many other treatment centers have no contact rules for up to 2 years once you finish their program. Quite frankly, at Discovery Place we find this practice counterproductive to long term recovery. Community and connection are essential to staying sober, and as an alumni of Discovery Place you have both…for life! Whether it’s volunteering, the renewal program, or telling your story, you are both needed and wanted here at DP after you leave.