Getting clean and sober isn’t easy, but it is possible

The world of addiction and mental health can feel complex and overwhelming sometimes. In our articles and resources we try to answer your questions and cover some of the topics that have been on your mind.

Common Questions & Resources

Here are some common questions we get from addicts and their loved ones about getting clean and sober, how to pay for treatment, and what it’s like to come to Discovery Place.

It’s true, the prospect of taking 30 days away from daily life can be daunting. However, alcoholism and addiction are progressive illnesses – meaning the symptoms and their consequences tend to grow in severity. Unfortunately, you can’t afford not to focus your undivided attention upon your recovery. The tools, fellowship, and internal shift found in our program will equip you for dealing with life in an entirely new way.

When we are using and drinking, no matter what we think is true, we’re much more of a burden on our families than a source of support. Our programs, ranging from 30 days to one year, are designed to create long-term sobriety because reliability of character is what your loved ones need most. When you return home from our drug rehab in Nashville, those seemingly overwhelming challenges from before will now be possible to move through.

It’s true, our programs have produced long-term sobriety for 83% of participants. But you probably think what you have going on, or the details of your specific circumstance, are a recipe for failure. We felt that way too. Every one of us. Our disease not only tells us we don’t have a disease, but that we’re also the only ones on earth dealing with what we’re dealing with. Trust us. We were there. We can help. You are not alone, and you don’t have to live as though you are any longer.

You may be surprised by how much influence you actually have! Most of us came to Discovery Place because of decisions made by our loved ones. This is actually a big part of what we do. We were the fathers and sons in the same position as your fathers and sons. Call our drug rehab in Nashville and we will tell you about effective means of communication, emphasize expressions of love and concern, and answer any questions pertaining to your specific relationship.

If your loved one accepts the prospect of Discovery Place, it’s important to move quickly. We’ll help you with all the next steps. And if your loved one isn’t interested in accepting help, it’s a good time to consider the choices you can make to protect yourself and to prevent any actions that make a life of addiction comfortable and possible. It is also important to note that addiction interventions are often necessary to get individuals into treatment.