The Expensive Life Of An Addict

Studies show that addicts who are deep in their addiction will spend over $100 each day for their fix. Others will spend even more and they will do anything to obtain the money needed to get their drug of choice. 

Those who are heavily addicted to drugs also suffer losses in the relationships they have with their loved ones. Friends, family, partners, are all affected when one is addicted. Some addicts pay the highest price when they lose their lives to their addiction. 

What Are The Costs Of Addiction?

People struggling with addiction have many cost considerations including financial costs, physical costs, emotional costs, and psychological costs.

Financially, it is expensive to fund one’s hunger for drugs or alcohol. When addicts are in so deep, they lose track of reality and responsibility. They only see the need for their drug of choice. After they blow through any money they have from a job, they get into their savings. Before long there is no money left for bills and they are unable to buy clothing, they lose their homes, and they cannot afford food. 

High-functioning addicts may be able to keep their necessities in order such as food and home, but their lives are dysfunctional. They don’t enjoy much outside of their addiction and spend recreational money on their drugs.

Drugs and alcohol play a huge part in how someone reacts in certain situations or to specific events. They are a rollercoaster of highs and lows with no balance. One minute they may be calm and happy and then next aggressive. Others lose all sense of feeling and show little to no emotion about anything. 

Addicts can have a tough time dealing with their emotions. They have difficulty coping with their feelings. Over time, the weight of the stress accompanied by the inability to properly manage feelings stunts emotional development and can affect them socially. Psychologically, drugs will affect the neurotransmitter systems in an addict. When this happens all functionality in human life is affected including mood, sleep, and appetite to name a few.

Physically, addicts face a wide-range of negative health outcomes including:

  • Issues with internal organs and even organ failure
  • Poor heart health
  • Decreased immune system
  • Increased vulnerability to sickness
  • Brain damage
  • Loss of mobility
  • Accelerated aging

Do You Need Help With Your Drug Addiction?

The Expensive Life Of An AddictEvery aspect of a person’s life is negatively affected by drug use. When drug use goes from recreational to full-blown addiction it is difficult for addicts to see the world around them clearly as well as the impact their addiction has had on their life. 

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