How To Stay Sober During Vacation

Everyday routines can keep those recovering from alcohol dependence stay on track with their sobriety. However, when the scenery, schedule, and attitudes change when one goes on vacation, it can become difficult to stay sober. There are frequent instances when alcohol is involved on vacation that before recovering alcoholics travel, they should concentrate on how to steer clear of alcohol on a trip.

Many individuals will become more loose with their behavior, allowing themselves to drink more during vacation time. Alcohol consumption will often become the main activity during vacation. For recovering alcoholics, trips are dangerous territory and may be problematic to sobriety. Consider these tips to help you stay alcohol-free on your next trip:


If you are traveling in a group be honest about where your priorities are regarding drinking. Discuss your concerns with your travel mates and let them know you do not want to drink. Having an honest conversation with your closest friends and family will define expectations early and also keep them informed on how they can support you while you are away together.


Preparing beforehand for what you can do while away is going to be very helpful for you to stay away from your triggers and temptations. Look into activities that aren’t normally associated with alcohol and pre-book them so you have a monetary and time commitment making you go. Or set up your itinerary to have them be a part of your schedule. Making sure you have something else to occupy your time or that you are strategically coordinating your activities during times you have previously spent drinking can help you abstain when it could otherwise be very difficult to do.

Reset Your Mind

Keep your attitude on point and positive. The attitude you have going into travel will help you through tough times. Don’t allow yourself to be afraid of the temptations and distractions. If you have already maintained sobriety in your daily life, that is quite an accomplishment. This is just another challenge that you can win and be proud of yourself for your success. Think about how it felt each day you were able to remain sober on your own, the victories you have won so far, and reminded yourself how good it will feel to make it through a vacation sober. 

Obtaining Help To Maintain Sobriety

How To Stay Sober During VacationThere may be situations that are just too risky, such as meals where your travel mates will want to grab drinks before dinner at the bar. Maybe bottles of wine are normally ordered at a meal. If these situations are too much for you to work through, you know yourself, and you know when you will have met your match with your sobriety. Just walk away from these situations, and as long as others know your situation, they will understand why you may want to part from the rest of the group. They may even change their behavior to keep you included and provide you extra support. 

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