What To Look For In A Drug And Alcohol Treatment Center

After you have decided to get help for your addiction you must do so at a center that has a solid rating from residents and a proven success rate. The reputation of Discovery Place is one that is well-respected and widely recognized for its high-quality facilities, staff, and services. Discovery Place in Tennessee has helped numerous people from all walks of life beat their addictions, become sober, and remain sober for life.  

What Should You Look For In An Addiction Treatment Program?

Treating All Factors Of Addiction

Addiction isn’t a stand-alone issue. It is most often coupled with other underlying stressors or trauma. Mental health problems such as depression or anxiety, maybe exceptional stress during one’s life, unhealthy relationships, or even past experiences can all be the motivating factor for a person to begin to use. The success of a center and its team to focus on identifying the root problem and treat it is evidence of a solid program.

Therapy And Treatment For Mental Health Issues

Mental health and addiction go hand-in-hand. For some individuals, a mental health issue was present and added to the addiction. For others, the addiction was a cause for a mental health issue to develop. Without treating the mental health issue, the chance for relapse after the program is completed becomes quite high. Treating addiction and every aspect of mental health is important to truly help a person become well. It is a mind, body, and spirit that must be healed to truly have the ability for success in life.

A Safe Environment

When a person feels comfortable and respected in the program and by everyone involved they will become more receptive to treatment. Overcoming an addiction is a difficult challenge, and it becomes much more difficult if the patient isn’t at ease. A welcoming environment that helps one feel ok about letting down their guard and opening themselves up to the process will allow the patient to achieve their best during treatment.

Customized Treatment

Every person is different and the factors that have led them to treatment differ from others.  Understanding that the path one person takes may be much different for another is a critical point in rehab. Every person must have a plan tailored to their specific needs so that they have the best chance for a favorable outcome.

Continued Support

What To Look For In A Drug And Alcohol Treatment CenterSobriety is a life long process. The quest to stay off drugs or alcohol does not end when a person leaves treatment. After a person’s departure from a facility, there should be access to resources when they are out. There is no doubt the journey outside is difficult and there will be temptations. Continued support can help a person tremendously as they continue to work to stay on track.

The committed team at Discovery Place is here to help you get healthy and sober. Call us today at 1-800-725-0922 to learn more about the programs at our treatment center alternative.  The caring staff at our supportive alcohol and drug rehabilitation alternative in Tennessee look forward to speaking with you.


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