Understanding the Negative Effects of Using Meth

Crystal methamphetamine is one of the most addictive drugs that is currently sold illegally throughout the country. The drug is a synthetic psycho-stimulant that often gets users hooked after their first hit. The drug is a combination of household products, which include lithium, brake fluid, toilet cleaner, nail polish remover, ammonia, fuel, red phosphorous, lye, and/or antifreeze. The substance is usually made in illegal laboratories located within homes, cabins, cars, motels, and more. Whether individuals are addicted or have only tried it once, meth can cause serious physical, behavioral, and psychological effects. Understanding the negative effects of crystal meth will help the suspecting family members identify whether their loved one is addicted and possibly help them get professional treatment.

What Happens After Taking Meth?

When users try crystal meth for the first time, a euphoric feeling overcomes their body along with an intense, long-lasting rush. This results from the methamphetamine flooding the brain with dopamine, which is the chemical in the brain responsible for feelings of pleasure. Users will also experience higher blood pressure, fast-pace thoughts, and an inability to stop moving even if they aren’t accomplishing anything. Sometimes users feel more outgoing and self-confident, but they can also behave bizarrely and violently.

Understanding the Negative Effects of Using MethAfter the rush fades, the high sets in. If individuals snort the drug, they may experience the high about five minutes after the rush. Those who swallow the drug may experience the high about 20 minutes after the rush. The high can last between six to twelve hours, and often results in users abusing more meth to make the high last even longer. If abusers are binging on meth, they can remain awake for up to 10 days without eating food or drinking liquids.

When the body stops reacting to the drug, users will often find themselves tweaking, which is a psychotic state that can be unpredictable. When users tweak, they are likely to experience hallucinations and paranoia, which can make them believe they have bugs crawling all over their bodies. Because of their beliefs, they scrape, scratch, and pick at their skin, which results in sores and scars.

Once the effect of the drug completely wears off, users find themselves crashing hard and sleeping for days. Users may also feel lethargic, nauseous, and confused as they come down from their highs, which could result in depression and anxiety.

Behavioral Effects of Meth

Because meth is highly addictive, it can quickly take over a person’s life and become their main priority. Users can quickly transition from initially hiding their drug abuse to not caring about what their loved ones think. The only thing users eventually care about is how to get more meth so they can avoid the harsh crash.

Physical Effects of Meth

Those suffering from meth addiction will experience intense weight loss, facial acne and sores, tooth decay, droopy facial skin, convulsions, stroke, liver damage, lowered immunity, and an increase in libido. Because meth increases the desire for sexual activity, individuals are prone to have unprotected sex with strangers and contracting sexually transmitted diseases.

If you notice any of the above behaviors in yourself or your loved one, there are various treatment options to assist with recovering from substance abuse disorder.

Alternative Treatment Centers in Tennessee

Discovery Place is a nontraditional alternative treatment center located in Burns, Tennessee, that was designed to help addicts overcome substance abuse disorder. We offer different programs to help with recovery based on our clients’ needs, such as a 30-Day Alternative Residential Addiction Recovery Program, a Long-Term Alternative Addiction Recovery Program, and more. If you would like more information regarding our services, contact us at (800) 725-0922.

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