Understanding How Addiction Affects the Brain

Sometimes it’s difficult for people to understand how their loved one can become addicted to drugs and/or alcohol. Many believe that people should have the will power and strength to overcome their addictions on their own if they really want to. However, drug addiction is a complicated disease that makes quitting nearly impossible for some individuals, even if they truly desire to stop. Fortunately, there is ample information available regarding drug addiction as well as effective treatment methods to aid addicts with their recovery process.

Understanding Why Drugs are Difficult to Quit

Drugs are so difficult to stop using because addiction is a brain disease, and diseases are known to change the way organs function. Because addiction switches the way the brain functions physiologically, addicts often feel an intense need to continue taking drugs or drinking alcohol, despite how harmful it is to their bodies and their lives. The brain is a receiving and transmuting mechanism that sends out signals that directs the body’s actions and choices. Using drugs alters the chemical signals in the brain, which affects choices, actions, and feelings. Drugs can shift the part of the brain that is responsible for the body’s interpretation of pleasure. Usually, humans feel pleasure when eating, falling in love, or enjoying satisfying activities. Over time, constant drug use can replace these pleasurable feelings that used to come from other aspects of life.

When people first start taking drugs, they easily feel a mental and physical rush or a high. However, over time the body becomes immune and requires more drugs in order to receive the same high. Because the high is not as strong, people feel the urge to keep using drugs to prevent themselves from feeling bad, which turns into an addiction.

Who is Likely to Suffer from Drug Addiction?

No one is exempt from becoming addicted to drugs. Anyone can be affected by drug use regardless of age, race, economic background, and current financial status. People can become addicted to tobacco, illegal drugs, alcohol, and even prescription drugs if not taken as directed. Those who have family members suffering from drug addictions are more likely to experiment with drugs and possibly become addicted. People who also suffer from mental health disorders are more prone to experimenting with drugs as well. Even people who begin using drugs at an early age increase their chances of suffering from addiction.

Ways to Treat Drug Addiction

Although there is no cure for drug addiction, there are effective treatment methods to help addicts recover from abusing drugs and eventually go on to live healthy, fulfilling lives. Treatment methods include ongoing medication, therapy, and lifestyle changes. Families can check their loved ones into a rehabilitation center or an alternative treatment center for professional help.

Alternative Treatment Centers in Tennessee

Discovery Place is a successful alternative treatment center located in Burns, Tennessee with multiple programs designed to help addicts recover from drug and/or alcohol addiction. Some of our programs include a 30 Day Alternative Residential Addiction Recovery Program and a Long-Term Alternative Addiction Recovery Program. We are committed to helping our patients reach their recovery goals and live a happy life that they can be proud of. If you would like more information about our services, call us to schedule a free consultation at (800) 725-0922.

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