How Physical Trauma Affects Addiction

Trauma and addiction oftentimes go hand in hand. If you ask someone what got them into using drugs and alcohol heavily, physical trauma or injury can often be heard as an answer in response. Physical trauma has such a profound effect on the lives of individuals who experience it. Obviously it has its physical effects, however there are many emotional effects that can result as a result of physical trauma as well. This can lead someone to using drugs as a means of coping with not only the resulting physical pain, but also the emotional turmoil caused by physical trauma. More often than not, this leads to addiction, and life altering consequences as a result.

What is Physical Trauma?

Physical trauma is any sort of traumatic event caused physically. So anything from injury from a severe car accident, to injuries caused by spraining your ankle. Even a physical or sexual assault can be physical traumas. These injuries can alter your activity in the long run. Whether it causes you to have fears, phobias, and anxiety when getting into a car again, or causes these same effects when it comes time to go out with friends at night. All of these events can have long lasting effects on someone.

Overcoming Physical Trauma With Painkillers

When it comes to physical trauma caused by an injury, depending on the severity of said injury, using painkillers to help alleviate the pain is often a remedy. Prescription painkillers have addictive properties and can be harmful to a person if taken for longer periods of time. Using painkillers is common practice, even when managing the pain from an injury long after it has occurred. This can help someone to physically feel better from the injury that caused the physical trauma, however it can have some negative effects physically, including addiction. This can be hard to overcome. Seeking professional help can help you to overcome the possible long term effects of physical trauma and addiction.

Effects of Using Painkillers for Physical Trauma

Although it is meant to be used temporarily, painkillers such as percocet or vicodin can lead to addiction. Even when taken as prescribed. Physical trauma and addiction are often found to go hand in hand. Because these addictive drugs are used to treat physical pain, the body can become accustomed to the effects and you may begin to feel some withdrawal symptoms once the medication is removed from your life. These symptoms of withdrawal can be highly uncomfortable, and lead to using other drugs as a form of supplementing the prescribed medications that have since been stopped. 

When someone begins abusing prescription painkillers, once the drug runs out there is still the physical dependency on it. The effects of physical trauma and addiction can be long lasting, and can have some severe impacts to your life. Getting help for the addiction is highly suggested in these instances. There are many options available to help you overcome addiction and begin a life of recovery from using drugs. Nipping it in the bud before it gets too out of control is the best way to prevent some of the more severe consequences of addiction. 

How Trauma Affects Emotional Well-Being

The effects of physical trauma are far reaching. Not just physically but emotionally as well. When someone experiences physical trauma, it can lead to an emotional response. Often, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a form of a trauma response, and sometimes abusing drugs is used as a means to cope with the symptoms caused by it. There is also resulting anxiety and depression that can be caused by physical trauma. These make day to day life extremely difficult for those experiencing them. The results of physical trauma and addiction can have long lasting emotional effects as well. Using drugs as a means of coping with traumas can seem like it is helping to alleviate the symptoms you may be experiencing, however in the long run is causing more harm and damage that will need to be repaired. Addiction is a monster that can lead to more traumas in the future. 

Getting Help for Addiction in Knoxville, TN

Physical trauma can lead even the strongest individuals down a path of self-destruction. Using drugs to escape the feelings related to trauma has caused can be devastating to the individual. If you or a loved one struggles with addiction, there is help. Here at Discovery Place we offer a level of care suited to those who seek our help. There is hope for a life beyond addiction. Contact us today to begin your journey of recovery and living a better life free from active addiction.

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