Drug addiction is a chronic, relapsing disease affecting millions of Americans every day. Drug rehab in Nashville, Tennessee can help you overcome drug addiction—whether it’s heroin, to alcohol to cocaine—to lead a fulfilling life in recovery. At Discovery Place, we can give you the structure, support, and attention you need to end your addiction to drugs.

Discovery Place is a nonprofit drug rehab program located near Nashville, Tennessee. We also offer drug treatment services for those in Chattanooga. We help men seeking a new outlook on life who are serious about their recovery.

What is Drug Addiction?

Drug addiction is a complex brain disorder with relapsing symptoms. Compulsive drug-using and drug-seeking behaviors are the defining traits of this disorder. As a result of these behaviors, you have negative consequences in your life. However, despite these consequences, you cannot stop using drugs without treatment.

Not everyone who uses drugs will become addicted. Hence, you can be at risk of developing an addiction when you have certain risk factors. These risk factors could lead to compulsive drug use or self-medicating with drugs for underlying conditions.


Risk Factors for Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is more likely to take hold in some individuals than others. While more research is needed to fully understand the causes of drug addiction, certain factors often correlate with addiction.

Risk factors for developing an addiction to drugs include:

  • Underlying mental health disorders, like depression, anxiety, or trauma
  • Low self-esteem
  • Chronic physical pain
  • Family history of mental health or substance use disorders
  • Adverse childhood experiences (ACEs)
  • History of sexual, physical, or emotional abuse
  • Using drugs at a young age, like childhood or adolescence
  • Inability to cope with stressors in everyday life

These risk factors can also lead to co-occurring disorders, such as substance abuse and mental illness. In addition, drug abuse can cause or worsen existing mental health issues. Our drug rehab in Nashville offers dual diagnosis treatment for both mental health and substance use disorders.

Drug Addiction Statistics in Nashville

According to the 2020 National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), over 40 million people aged 12 and older in the US had a substance use disorder in the past year. Nashville, Tennessee is not immune to these statistics. Cases of opioid overdoses and other drug problems seem like they are on the rise due to the stressors of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Metro Public Health Department of Nashville/Davidson County shares these statistics on drug addiction from 2021:

  • There were 712 suspect drug overdose deaths, which is a 15% increase from 2020
  • Fentanyl was detected in 74% of overdose-related toxicology reports
  • Fentanyl, cocaine, and methamphetamine were the substances most often detected in fatal overdoses
  • Fatal overdoses occurred more often in men than women (67% of all overdose deaths were men) 
  • The age group with the highest percentage of overdose deaths was age 35 to 44 at 28% 

Early treatment is the best way to prevent these deaths. For this reason, drug rehab is vital to combat overdose deaths in Nashville and Davidson County. Therefore, knowing the signs and symptoms of drug addiction is crucial to seeking help for yourself or a loved one.

Signs and Symptoms of Drug Addiction

Drug addiction can change a person’s behaviors and personality. These changes are symptoms of a disease. Thus, identifying the signs and symptoms of drug addiction is the first step to getting help.

Common signs and symptoms of drug addiction include:

  • Needing more of a substance for the same effect, also known as developing a tolerance
  • Unpleasant withdrawal symptoms appear when you attempt to quit (nausea, diarrhea, insomnia, or profuse sweating)
  • Unable to cut back on drug use or set limits
  • Neglecting family, school, and work duties because of drug use
  • Isolating from friends and family
  • Loss of interest in pleasurable activities
  • Spending most of your time getting drugs, using, or recovering from the after-effects
  • Thinking about using drugs throughout your day
  • Unhealthy appearance (bloodshot eyes, unexpected weight changes, frequent bloody noses, bad breath, and shakiness)
  • Feigning symptoms of physical pain to get prescription painkillers
  • Stealing money from friends and family to buy drugs
  • Risky behaviors while under the influence, like unsafe sex or reckless driving
  • Conflicts with friends and family, especially surrounding drug use or the negative effects

When you are addicted to drugs, you keep using drugs despite the negative consequences. Therefore, it is critical to get help before things get even worse. Drug rehab can help you manage your symptoms and deal with any underlying issues.

What to Expect at Our Drug Rehab in Nashville

At our drug rehab, you can expect thorough treatment with caring and supportive staff members. The guides at Discovery Place have been through addiction and treatment. They know what it’s like to be in your place and are here to guide you through recovery.

At Discovery Place, we refer to those seeking help as “guests” rather than “patients.” As a guest, your unique needs and preferences will drive your treatment planning. In addition, our guides will value your strengths and interests that will help you live the life that you deserve.

Programs Offered at Our Nashville Drug Rehab

Our drug rehab in Nashville offers several programs to our guests. Additionally, we understand that each person is different regarding their addiction. Some men need more time to build their lives from the ground up, whereas others need a short-term program to keep their lives from spiraling out of control. We designed our programs to be flexible while meeting the needs of our guests.

Discovery Place’s drug rehab programs include:

30-Day Rehab Program

Our 30-day drug rehab program allows you to enter early recovery with enough time to detox and learn more about your addiction. During our 30-day program, you will get an introduction to 12-Step recovery. Here, you can build connections with peers, learn relapse prevention, and get to the root causes of your addiction.

Long-Term Recovery Program

The long-term recovery program (LTR) is the next step in recovery after 30 days. Our LTR is a 60 to 90 residential program that provides more time to engage in treatment. Discovery Place offers several amenities and activities for an enjoyable treatment experience. 

Step-Down Program

The step-down program allows guests to continue residential treatment after 30-day rehab and LTR. Sometimes, 90 days is not enough to get the habits and skills needed for a successful long-term recovery. Guests in our step down program reside in our facility while transitioning to everyday life. 

Continuing Care and Aftercare Programs

Discovery Place offers free continuing care and aftercare programs for our guests. Alumni of our programs get check-ins from their guides to ensure that they are connected to the recovery community. We begin aftercare planning during active treatment. In this way, you can continue maintaining your recovery after leaving our facility.

Family Matters

Your family matters during your recovery from addiction. Drug addiction is a family disease, and every member of your family is impacted by addiction. We support the whole family of our guests for this reason. As you go through treatment, we encourage your family to reach out for support from our guides and in the community.

12-Step Program

Drug rehab programs often include aspects of 12-Step recovery. Discovery Place aligns with the 12-Step model for a successful recovery from drug addiction. However, we know that everyone responds differently to 12-Step programs. Above all, we empower you to find a peer support group that best suits you.

Begin Drug Rehab in Nashville, TN

Discovery Place offers drug rehab in Clarksville, Nashville, Murfreesboro, and Knoxville, Tennessee. Our programs ensure that you get the best care to meet your needs. We have several options to treat drug addiction and provide support for your entire family. We accept insurance, but you can learn how to fund rehab with or without it. Our guides will teach you how to live a better life in recovery. Contact us today to learn more.


  • Discovery Place was the answer for my son. He did the 90 day and then the step down program and sober living. We give this organization 10 stars. They met my son where he was …emotionally, mentally, physically. They helped him put his life back on track. Discovery Place employees care about their guests. If your son, brother, nephew, grandson or husband needs excellent supportive care THIS is indeed the facility.

    Kim Morton
    Alumni Parent
  • I have remained sober and it is because of DP. DP is the best place there is, hands down. I keep everyone there in my prayers, and I encourage everyone there to take what they are practicing and do it in their lives, after.

    Roy Mantelli
  • Over the past year, I’ve been putting into actin what Discovery Place taught me, and I have experienced a complete perspective change of the world, and the people in it. I get to be a man of service and love today, and for that I am grateful to Discovery Place.

    Matt Kassay
  • Discovery Place means the world to me. They showed me the tools that I’ve tried to use everyday in my life to think less often of myself, and more frequently of others. I am learning to lend a hand when I am able and to have a honest and humble relationship with God and the people around me. Not only am I clean and sober, but also I am happy and fulfilled.

    Tommy Parker
  • Discovery Place and the men who work there made recovery attractive, and more importantly, fun. There is strength in the struggle. I am forever grateful for my time at Discovery Place.

    Creed McClellan
  • When I got to Discovery Place my whole life was in shambles, but I didn’t know it. I spent 6 months in their programs, participating in all three phases, and was met with kindness and love all along the way. It is unbelievable to me, where I am now relative to where I was when I arrived at DP.

    Lance Duke
  • I can never say enough good things about Discovery Place and the people who work there. Before checking in to DP, I was out of options and out of answers. Fortunately, Discovery Place has a solution. Taking suggestions from the staff at DP saved my life, and as a result, I’m now more content and hopeful about life. I’m grateful for Discovery Place showing me how to live a healthy life so that I can become a better man and help the next guy.”

    Tyler Buckingham

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