The Serious Methamphetamine Problem

From the 1990s to the 2000s, meth was the drug that held the nation’s attention. The focus on this deadly substance has shifted in recent years. The Opioid Crisis has taken over, and while this is certainly a significant problem and concern for Americans, meth hasn’t gone anywhere.

The Meth Problem

The rise in meth use has increased over the years. The U.S. Border Patrol took control of over 82,000 pounds of meth in 2017, close to 10 times that which was confiscated in 2010. The illicit smuggling of drugs, including meth, has been an ongoing issue that rages on even today. The meth problem is especially prevalent in the Midwest, but it doesn’t just stop there; it is used by individuals across the country.

It is believed that meth producers in Mexico recognize the demand and problem that exist in the country, especially in rural America. They have identified a target audience and are working to aim their focus on this are to increase profits. Since meth labs in the United States have been under attack by authorities, the cartels are filling in the void by flooding the country with hundreds of pounds of the addictive substance each day.

The availability and diversity of meth options are becoming quite alarming. Authorities in rural areas are reporting that they are recovering very pure and widely available forms of meth more so now than they have previously. These forms are also being sold at a less expensive price, making them even more available to the public.

Polydrug Use

Meth users are synonymous with polydrug use and the results are many times deadly. Combining drugs is never a wise idea, as it puts users at an increased risk of overdose. Other catastrophic side effects from mixing substances include respiratory depression and coma. Many meth users will also ingest alcohol while they are abusing the drug. 

Polydrug use is defined as:

  • Using two or more drugs together
  • The use of one drug to counteract the effects or the aftereffects that occurred from another
  • Using many drugs at varying times over a short period, such as a couple days or weeks

Narcan is commonly used to help reverse an overdose that is associated with opioids. Currently, there exists no such compound to help with meth overdose. This makes meth an even more complicated and dangerous drug.

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