Is Your Partner An Alcoholic?

Do you think that your spouse has a problem with alcohol? Chances are if you are questioning their relationship with drinking there could be an underlying problem that you both are sweeping under the rug. It is not an easy conversation or realization when you have to address a potential issue with your spouse about their alcohol consumption. While it is a difficult situation to be in, it is important not to shy away from the issue and ignore it.

What Are The Signs That Your Partner’s Relationship With Alcohol Is Problematic?

There are many signs and symptoms a person exhibits which are red flags for an alcohol problem. Some of the symptoms include:

  • An intense need to drink alcohol.
  • Once drinking starts, they are unable to control their intake or stop drinking.
  • High tolerance for alcohol.
  • Lying about drinking or hiding drinking.
  • Being secretive about when they drink.

Some worthwhile questions to ask include:

  • Does drinking or being hungover interfere with activities?
  • Do they face legal issues because of their drinking?
  • Do they skip out on attending events and activities to drink?
  • If they have a drink must they finish it all or will they leave some?
  • Do they feel guilty about their drinking?
  • Do they often blackout or are they often unable to remember their behavior or activities when they were drinking?
  • Do they hide their drinking or try to hide the amount they drink?

In the absence of alcohol, your partner will be unable to avoid withdrawal symptoms like shaking or an upset stomach. They will also be at higher risk of suffering from mental anguish through depression or anxiety. According to the American Psychological Association, alcohol use and depression go hand-in-hand.

What Can You Do When Your Partner Is Struggling With Their Alcohol Use?

Is Your Partner An AlcoholicFirst, know that you are not alone. More than 18 million Americans abuse alcohol. It is critically important that you talk to your partner about getting help from a professional.  Additionally, it is helpful to do the following:

  • Create boundaries and don’t give in on them. No matter what your partner says, it is their actions that matter. If they make apologies or tell you things you want to hear but repeatedly don’t follow-through, make sure that you stay firm in your position.
  • Alcoholics can be defensive and when you are pushing them to get help or change their behavior anger is often the emotion that ensues. They are going to be frustrated and try to argue with you, don’t engage. Walk away and leave the situation when they try to goat you into the toxic interaction.
  • You love your partner and when you see them struggling you think that maybe you have some fault in their behavior. Don’t allow yourself to self-blame. When your partner is an alcoholic it doesn’t matter what you or anyone else does, they are still going to drink excessively.
  • Don’t cover up for them or shield them from experiencing the consequences of their actions. If they are going to drink heavily and they must confront the results and repercussions of their behavior.

The medical detox and addiction alternative treatment center at Discovery Place in Tennessee is a good place to discuss with your partner when they are ready to seek help.  Discovery Place’s Tennessee addiction alternative treatment center is ideally located in the beautiful and calming countryside of Tennessee.  Call our Tennessee detox alternative treatment center anytime at 1-800-725-0922.

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