Illegal Drugs: Classifications and the Dangerous Effects

Drugs are substances that alter the way the body functions temporarily and long-term. When drugs are classified as illegal, that means the government has put laws in place to ban them. There are many different illegal drugs that negatively affect people in numerous ways, making some individuals unpredictable and dangerous, especially teenagers.

The way a drug affects users depends on the type of drug, how much the person is taking, the person’s location while taking the drug, the activity the person is doing while taking the drug, the person’s health history, and the number of drugs taken at once.

How Illegal Drugs are Classified

There are three major drug classifications: depressants, stimulants, and hallucinogens. Depressants are known to slow down the central nervous system and the information transferred between the brain and the body. Depressants often interrupt people’s concentration and decrease their ability to respond quickly. The name also indicates that these drugs are capable of making people feel depressed, but not always. The name mainly refers to the drug’s ability to slow down the nervous system. Alcohol, opioids, barbiturates, and GHB are all considered depressants.

Stimulants are known for stimulating the central nervous system and increasing the number of messages being transferred between the brain and the body. Stimulants usually increase energy, heart rate, and appetite. Methamphetamine, cocaine, dexamphetamine, caffeine, nicotine, and ecstasy are all examples of stimulants.

Hallucinogens are known for temporarily changing how an individual sees the world. These drugs can alter how a person perceives the world through their five senses – sight, smell, sound, taste, and touch. Hallucinogens can also make people experience things that are not present at all. LSD, magic mushrooms, and ketamine are considered hallucinogens.

Why Illegal Drugs are Dangerous

Illegal drugs are dangerous for children and teenagers because their bodies are not properly developed, and drugs are known for temporarily interrupting the normal function of the body. When young people use drugs, they put themselves at risk of damaging their brains, hearts, and other important organs.

Drugs will also negatively impact other areas of their lives, including school, sports, and personal relationships. While taking drugs, it’s difficult to make rational decisions, and young people are more prone to hurting themselves and others while under the influence of drugs.

Lastly, experimenting with drugs often leads to addiction, which can be hard to overcome. People tend to use drugs because they enjoy the euphoric feelings being produced. However, those sensations don’t last, and people often have to increase their dose to experience those same feelings. After constant use, the body and brain become dependent on the drug, which is the beginning of a dangerous, downward spiral.

If you suspect that a loved one may be suffering from substance abuse disorder, it’s best to check them into a treatment facility where they can receive professional help.

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