How to Determine if You Suffer from Addiction

Addiction can affect anyone at any age, regardless of family history and economic status. Many Americans start off by using drugs recreationally, but they fail to realize that taking a drug once is enough to become addicted. Drugs often produce feelings of euphoria and tranquility that are so intensely pleasurable that it makes people want to get high repeatedly just to feel those sensations again. However, after a while, the body and brain get used to the drug and require higher doses to produce those initial feelings. After repeated use, the body begins to crave the drug and will make people feel off-balance if they don’t use it. Sometimes people don’t realize the negative effect drugs have on their lives until it’s too late. Many may not even be aware that they’re slipping into addiction until it’s too late.

Am I An Addict?

At Narcotics Anonymous, a few recovering addicts formulated a list of questions for people who think they may be suffering from addiction but are not sure what addiction entails. It’s important for individuals to answer these questions as honestly as possible.

  1. Do you take drugs alone?
  2. Have you supplemented one drug for another in order to rectify the problem?
  3. Have you ever been dishonest with a medical professional in order to obtain prescription drugs that are considered to be controlled substances?
  4. Have you ever stolen items or money to exchange for drugs, or stolen drugs from someone else?
  5. Is it routine for you to use drugs upon waking up or right before falling asleep?
  6. Do you avoid loved ones who do not approve of your drug use?
  7. Have you ever taken a drug without prior knowledge of its name or its effects?
  8. Has your drug use interfered with your work or school performance?
  9. Have drugs impacted your behavior so much that you were arrested for your actions?
  10. Have you ever been dishonest about which drugs you use and the doses you take?
  11. Do you prioritize purchasing drugs over other financial responsibilities?
  12. Have you ever attempted to stop using a drug but physically couldn’t?
  13. Do you fear ever running out of drugs?
  14. Do you believe it’s possible for you to live without drugs?
  15. Does drug use decrease your appetite or your ability to sleep?
  16. Has your drug use ever caused you to question your own sanity?
  17. Do you think you take high doses of drugs?
  18. Since taking drugs, have you noticed any irrational fears?
  19. Have you relied on drugs to suppress emotional pain or stress?
  20. Do you continue to take drugs despite the negative impact it may be having on your life?

These are just some of the questions for people to ask themselves to determine whether they are suffering from addiction. However, for those who have answered yes to most of these questions, it’s important to immediately seek professional help from an alternative treatment center or a rehabilitation center.

Alternative Treatment Centers in Tennessee

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