Heroin’s Highs Aren’t Worth It’s Lows

Heroin isn’t a drug you can do one day and then just decide you can do without the next. It is highly addictive and even one use can be fatal. Unfortunately, heroin use is on the rise across the United States and has a strong relationship to the opioid epidemic. If you aren’t familiar with either heroin or prescription pills, you may not understand the linkages between the two. Those who develop an opioid addiction will often transfer to heroin because of the difference in price. Heroin is a bargain on the streets versus the cost of pills.

Chasing the dragon” and trying to get that next high just like you felt it the first time is something that is at the heart of heroin use. The pursuit of that ideal high keeps addicts coming back for more and more and more so they can experience those euphoric, soothing feelings. The problem is that each time you want to feel good you need more.

Here is the downside. The more you want to feel that great feeling the more you need to take. The more damage it does to your body, the more money you need to find, and the greater the likelihood you will succumb to overdose and death all because you wanted a couple of hours high.

Overdose Isn’t The Only Risk Addicts Face

Heroin's Highs Aren't Worth It's LowsHeroin doesn’t come with an ingredients label. It is mixed with many other substances depending on the dealer you are buying it from. Anything from starch, and sugar, to powdered milk to substances as toxic as fentanyl. When fentanyl is the cutting ingredient of choice, overdosing for the user is at an all-time high. And no matter what, the user won’t know which of any of these ingredients their heroin is mixed with.

Heroin can be taken anyway, injected, snorted, or smoked. Heroin is most well-known for being injected, which is a popular way for addicts to get their high the fastest. Unfortunately, the riskiest way to take heroin is by injection. Shared needles or unsanitary needles pose their own dangers. Diseases like HIV are easily shared and spread among users.

How Heroin Deteriorates The Body

Heroin degrades every part of the body. It suppresses the nervous system, it interferes with respiration, and it mangles blood pressure. Together, these systems are unable to manage to get the vital oxygen to the brain to function so the brain tissue begins to die off leading to serious brain damage.

Without heroin, a user on their own will experience immensely painful and excruciating withdrawal symptoms. This alone is can drive a user to continue to do anything to get their next high. Unfortunately in a person who wants to get well, these will drive them to continue to use out of need because the pain is so steep. There is no such thing as stopping cold-turkey for a heroin addict.

End Your Painful Addiction To Heroin Today

Your life has a purpose and you deserve better than the depths your heroin addiction has thrown you to. The medical detox and addiction alternative treatment center at Discovery Place in Tennessee offers a safe way to detox safely and calmly, without pain. Even one more day abusing heroin could be your last, you deserve better. Discovery Place’s Tennessee addiction alternative treatment center is located in the calming countryside of Tennessee. Come and take refuge at our in-patient program where you will be taken care of through every step of the recovery process.

It is time for you to heal and get well again. Call our Tennessee detox alternative treatment center anytime day or night at 1-800-725-0922 to discuss your situation and being your journey to recovery.



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