Adverse Childhood Experiences In Tennessee

Lawmakers in Nashville are discussing strategies to help children of families where there is drug or opioid abuse that is prevalent in the household. According to Senator Rusty Crowe of Johnson City, lawmakers must determine the right way to manage these children behaviorally, educationally, and socially in the most supportive way possible. Sen. Crowe identified that a generation of children is starting their education in either Pre-K and Kindergarten who are coming from these homes. According to the senator, to help these children efforts from many state agencies, including the Tennessee Department of Health and the governor’s office must be involved.

What Effect Doe Adverse Childhood Experiences Have On Children?

Not only do these children need support during their transition but the schools also need support because these young ones from poor home environments can be a challenge. Children that have adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) can be a result of living in a home with an addicted caregiver. Currently, the legislature provided $2 million dollars for grants.

The Tennessee Commission on Children and Youth is working on improving resources and systems available to advocates and providers that work with ACEs. The Sycamore Institute reports that more than half of adults in Tennessee reported a minimum of one ACE from 201-2017 and 17% reported over four. Children that have lived in a chaotic and unsettling environment affect them as they grow and can be seen in many ways. These children will grow into adulthood experiencing behavioral struggles, emotional problems, and academic difficulties.

According to Sen. Crowe, lawmakers in Tennessee are working on many different pieces of legislation relating to this issue.

How Do ACEs Impact Tennessee?

Adverse Childhood Experiences In TennesseeA child that has an ACE will experience disruptions in the way they develop neurologically which will negatively affect them as they get older. The chronic severe stress that these individuals have to endure is damaging to a growing brain. Children suffering within these toxic environments have a higher risk for many problems in their life including chronic disease, low work performance, and poor productivity, and they are more likely to engage in risky health behaviors.

In 2017 in Tennessee, the cost of ACEs was about $5.2 billion from medical costs and poor work performance. ACEs caused people to be more likely to smoke cigarettes and have depression. Because ACEs do exhibit poorer lifestyle habits they increase the healthcare costs for taxpayers in Tennessee.

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