Can You Handle Mocktails In Recovery?

Mocktails are a fun way to socialize with others by enjoying a fun beverage without alcohol. From the specialty glasses to the recipe of juices and mixers, mocktails are exactly like a cocktail except for the leave out the alcohol. If you are recovering from alcohol addiction, mocktails may be something to help you through. Instead of avoiding social situations or feeling uneasy during an event where there is the temptation to drink, a mocktail keeps you included in all the fun while not sabotaging your efforts to stay sober. Others, however, may not be able to drink a mocktail as even engaging in behavior that mimics alcohol consumption will cause you to go right back to your old ways.

Should You Drink Mocktails During Your Recovery?

Can You Handle Mocktails In RecoveryThe early part of the recovery process is a very delicate dance. You are facing the world again and you are enacting the tools you learned in rehab. You haven’t had enough time under your belt adjusting to a new way of living and triggers are much stronger during the initial stages of recovery than when you have been sober for years. Staying away from any situation, event, or group of people that remind you of past behavior may be too much to overcome.

For this reason, mocktails aren’t a good choice for those who have just left rehab. Staying far away from triggers until you have a pattern and a rhythm with your daily life is probably best. Once you have become confident in your ability to stay sober and you have solidly established a strong recovery, you can decide what works best for you. If going to happy hour has been something that you were avoiding, you may be able to enjoy a mocktail with friends and be ok. What is better, you may even strengthen your recovery by learning that you can handle a situation that was so difficult for you to manage in the past.

When you are fully engaged in your life and able to healthily interact with friends and family, you will feel better overall. Avoiding being in the presence of alcohol altogether is difficult in a society where get-togethers often include drinks. Mocktails allow you to feel like you are one of the groups which can help and strengthen you emotionally. 

Every person is different and the ability to remain sober is a story that is unique to people who have struggled with addiction. If you drink a mocktail and your cravings and urges to have a beer or a real cocktail are too much to handle or very strong, it may not be the right thing for you to do. When you socialize, if you are unable to cope with the environment or situation well, it is best to distance yourself for a while and find other healthy ways to enjoy group activities.

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