Why Psychotherapy is an Effective Treatment Method

Defining Psychotherapy

Psychologists use psychotherapy to help clients work through thoughts and behavioral patterns that are not conducive to their overall well-being, especially if these patterns are preventing them from being their best selves and living their best lives. Millions of Americans suffer from depression, anxiety, and other mental disorders every year. Psychotherapy is one of the effective treatment options used to help individuals discover where their problems stem from and how to cope with them in the future by altering their thoughts and using other effective methods.

Psychologists use specific procedures to help clients of all ages improve their mental health and live happier and healthier lives. Psychotherapy is heavily reliant on dialogue, which allows clients to openly discuss and get to the root of their negative patterns without being judged by their therapist. Together the psychologist and client work together to help identify old patterns, break them, and create healthier alternatives that they can use for the rest of their lives whenever they face challenges or triggers.

Who Should Consider Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy will be beneficial for individuals suffering from addictions to drugs and/or alcohol, especially if their addictions have caused them to be aggressive or harmful to their loved ones. Psychotherapy is also beneficial for individuals who are constantly worrying or expecting the worst, have trouble concentrating on work assignments or daily activities, are overwhelmed with excessive sadness or helplessness, and whose problems don’t resolve despite constant efforts.

Why is Psychotherapy Used for Treating Substance Abuse Disorder?

Psychotherapy is an effective treatment method to help individuals work through and recover from substance abuse disorder because psychologists use several different approaches depending on the client’s needs. Most of the sessions will involve cognitive-behavioral, interpersonal, and other forms of talk therapy. This method allows patients to really unpack their deepest thoughts and uncover more about themselves and their choices without being judged by family members or friends. Having an objective professional to talk to gives suffering individuals a safe environment to focus on healing and recovering.

Psychologists will develop the appropriate treatment plan after consulting with their clients. Treatment plans are determined by current psychological research, the psychologist’s theoretical orientation, and whatever works best for the client. Psychologists often use multiple approaches as there is no one size fits all with psychotherapy. Some psychologists will ask clients to perform certain tasks in order to develop better-coping skills, which often involves homework assignments. Clients may also be asked to log information regarding their reactions to certain circumstances. Clients may also be challenged to try new skills between sessions to help work through traumas and heal.

Alternative Treatment Centers in Tennessee

Why Psychotherapy is an Effective Treatment MethodIf you or a loved one is suffering from substance abuse disorder and would like to begin recovering, a great option is to seek help from an alternative treatment center. At Discovery Place, we are an alternative treatment center located in Burns, Tennessee that offers several alternative treatment plans for those suffering from addictions to drugs and/or alcohol. Some of our services include a 30-Day Alternative Residential Addiction Recovery Program and a Long-Term Alternative Addiction Recovery Program. If you would like more information or would like to schedule a free consultation, call us today at (800) 725-0922.

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