The Truth About Residential Drug Treatments

Most people believe they have a solid grasp of what residential drug treatment looks like and how they work. Movies, television shows, and social media portray drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities in a light that isn’t always accurate. 

The Centers for Disease Control estimate that around 115 die every day from drugs, and a shocking 6,748 will be hospitalized for treatment. Addiction and substance abuse have become a national crisis. Unfortunately, up to 90 percent of people who need rehabilitation treatment don’t get it. 

At Discovery Place we understand the financial burden that rehab can create, which is why we offer affordable recovery programs and residential financing programs to make sure everyone has the opportunity to recover. 

Why Don’t Traditional Drug Rehab Centers Works?

Unbeknownst to the majority of people, not all resident programs are the same. Many addiction treatment facilities and programs rely entirely on counseling and therapeutic approaches. Others claim to use “cutting edge technology” or “evidence-based messages” but theses phrases are put in place to create the illusion that they know a secret to sobriety. 

Traditional drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers only utilize psychiatric and therapeutic approaches. New research on the subject has suggested that people suffering from substance abuse and addiction additionally require positive expectations and attitudes, as well as a well-organized support system of family, friends, or professionals. 

Why Our Alternative Substance Abuse and Addiction Programs Actually Work

At Discovery Place we understand the positive impact that a well-established support system can have on a person recovering from addiction or substance abuse. At our Tennessee alternative recovery treatment facility, we facilitate one-on-one and small group discussions that guide our residents through a 12-step guide to sobriety. We offer several programs, including:

  • 30-Day residential programs
  • Long-term recovery programs
  • Continuing care programs
  • Family matters workshops

Studies have discovered that recovery treatment programs that include the 12-step guide show an increased rate of abstinence. Further findings illustrated that 12-step affiliated programs graduated more clients that continued to be substance abuse-free and secured employment at the one-year mark.

Getting the Help You Need at Our Burns Alternative Rehabilitation Facility

Millions of Americans are affected by the misuse and addiction to drugs alcohol. In 2017 more than 70,200 died from drug overdoses across the country. Sadly, a large majority of people struggling with substance abuse and addiction are unable to get the treatment they need. 

Discovery Place provides residents with education and a clear understanding of alcoholism and drug addiction. We believe in the 12-step program and the principles that guide it including, honesty, perseverance, discipline, tolerance, and love. 

At our Tennessee alternative recovery treatment facility, we understand that addiction doesn’t take breaks. In an effort to remain committed to maintaining consistent and accessible communication, we are open and available 24/7 for those struggling. 

If you or someone you love is battling substance abuse or addiction, contact our Tennessee alternative recovery treatment facility today at 1-800-725-0922. 

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