The Top Three Most Addictive Drugs

It is easy to fear drugs of any kind over the possibility of becoming addicted to them. Whether the drug is a prescription medication or a casual cigarette being offered to you, the risk is always there. The truth is that human beings can become addicted to anything—be it a drug or watching television.

But some drugs are more addictive than others. When you are prescribed to a new medication, chances are a doctor will warn you if the drug has a higher tendency to create an addiction.

If you are around or have been subjected to a variety of drugs, it can be a good idea to know which drugs are the most addictive of them all.

Addictive Drug #3: Nicotine

You might have heard of the term nicotine when being taught about drugs and flooded with PSAs in school. Nicotine is the drug that makes up cigarettes, making it among the most accessible drugs out there. Smoking is often cited as one of the most difficult habits to quit and is often assisted with nicotine patches and gum.

This is because as people expose themselves to the nicotine in cigarettes, the brain becomes sensitive to the substance and needs to continue ingesting it to function properly. This is why, rather than suddenly taking away an addict’s cigarettes, patches and gum are used to gradually lower the user’s intake of nicotine before ultimately breaking away from the addiction.

Not only is nicotine easily accessible, but it is advertised excessively towards younger people. Smoking puts individuals at risk for heart disease, cancer, and strokes, making it not only among the most addicting but also most deadly drugs.

Addictive Drug #2: Crack Cocaine

Crack cocaine—a budget variant of base cocaine—is usually injected or smoked through a pipe. However, being cheaper makes crack cocaine more dangerous and addictive compared to an already hazardous drug.

Crack cocaine’s addictive nature comes from how short-lived and ineffective it is. It may have faster effects, but its sense of euphoria is short, and quickly followed by irritation and depression. Because of this, addicts continuously take dosages of crack cocaine to feed into their need for constant euphoria. This only makes the drug less effective, further trapping a person into an addiction.

Due to how addictive crack cocaine is, breaking off from it requires full dedication and commitment from the addict, and inpatient therapy is strongly recommended.

Addictive Drug #1: Heroin

Heroin is considered one of the most dangerous drugs not only for how addictive it is, but how quickly a person can become addicted to it.

Either smoked, snorted, or injected, a person can become addicted to heroin in as little as three days. Much like crack cocaine, it creates a rush of euphoria—though a much longer one—followed by a sense of drowsiness. Reducing pain and creating pleasure, heroin can be an appealing drug to those susceptible to depression.

Heroin, however, is dangerous in both the short and long term. Withdrawal is common for those who fight recovery from heroin addiction and consists of a number of symptoms such as increased blood pressure, stroke, several heart problems including increased heart rate and heart attacks, or even depression and suicidal thoughts.

This can make recovery from heroin addiction seem intimidating, but there are also a number of health problems that come with continued heroin abuse. This includes lung complications, as well as liver and kidney diseases.

Any drug can become deadly if overused, and being aware of the side effects of abusing them is important to consider the consequences. It is strongly recommended that anyone who becomes addicted should seek help and therapy.

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