The Stages Of Alcoholism Explained

Alcoholism is a complex disease that can start innocently and end devastatingly. Studies have delved into the reasons why some people can handle alcohol while others struggle. When you have alcoholism running in your family, specifically when it exists in someone who is in close relation like a sibling or parent, the likelihood that you could be at risk is increased. According to the National Institute of Alcohol and Alcoholism, the United States has a serious problem with alcohol abuse. In 2015, a survey showed that during a month’s time 26 percent of individuals engaged in heavy drinking or binge drinking.

How does alcoholism begin? It generally begins with others but ends up with the afflicted suffering alone. There are six categories that make up the cycle of alcohol abuse.

Social Drinking

Social drinking is the first stage. Many individuals across the country participate in social drinking and while not everyone will turn into an alcoholic, those that do tend exhibit a tendency towards substance overuse. 

Binge Drinking

Binge drinking is also very common in the United States and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicates that one in seven adults will binge drink on at least four occasions per month. These individuals will have at least seven alcoholic beverages in one binge-drinking sitting. Some individuals may binge drink only temporarily, while others may binge drink more frequently. When the latter happens, it is a red flag toward potential future abuse and a problem developing with alcohol.

Heavy Drinking

Heavy drinking occurs when an individual starts enjoying drinking and as a result will drink at a more often. When they drink they will drink excessively at each sitting.

Alcohol Dependency

When a person has more than a want for alcohol and develops a need to have it to function normally, they have become dependent. When they are not drinking, they don’t feel good.


Alcoholism occurs when full-on addiction takes hold. Individuals will continue to engage in hazardous and dangerous behaviors even when they negatively impact both their personal and professional lives.

End-Stage Alcoholism

The final state is known as end-stage alcoholism. It occurs when alcohol has impacted one’s life so significantly that they suffer from major health issues. Mental health and physical health have been degraded and death is possible.

Where You Can Find Help For Alcohol Addiction

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