The Pros and Cons of Recovery Outside of Rehab

Addictions can prove to be troublesome psychological diseases, not only because of the emotional toll they can bring to the addict and their family but the disruptions they cause to our daily lives. We are busier and more distracted than ever, making it harder to dedicate much time to the recovery process as we feel a need to hurry back to the workplace and other obligations as soon as possible.

Enrolling in recovery programs at rehab centers are absolutely the most effective and recommended methods for recovery. However, it’s understandable that it isn’t always possible for every addict to access proper recovery methods.

There are potential ways to maintain a recovery process outside of rehab, but just as with any alternative, it has its pros and cons against the usual process.

The Pros

Many make the assumption that those who choose to avoid rehab are in denial of their addiction and ultimately avoid proper treatment. While this is true for some addicts, this is not absolute for all cases.

One of the biggest reasons for treatment outside of rehab is a lack of finances. Treatment in a rehab center doesn’t often come free—though it can be covered under an insurance policy—meaning it can be difficult for some drug addicts to afford treatment in the first place.

In fact, it isn’t uncommon that many addicts become addicted to drugs and alcohol because of their poverty status. A common stereotype is that people fall into poverty because of their addiction, but there are many scenarios where people become addicted because of their poverty. This can be caused by a number of factors, such as family status, unemployment, poor physical health, crime rate, or even mental illnesses.

Other addicts deal with a lack of resources aside from finances. Some live in isolated, remote areas where rehab treatment centers are distant and far from accessible. These people may have no method of transportation either—such as being unable to drive or having no public transportation nearby. In these cases, treatment from home outside of rehab may be their best and only option.

An addict may also deal with intense embarrassment or even trauma from past treatment experiences. Generally, every addict deals with embarrassment and shame in some form, and this embarrassment can be overwhelming to the point that it makes treatment ineffective.

Past negative experiences can also hurt the effectiveness of treatment—including past trauma from negligent experts or trouble dealing with other addicts in a center. In which case, practicing treatment in a more private environment may be less stressful and more effective.

The Cons

While there may be strong benefits to consider for treatment and recovery at home, there are many vital losses when you avoid seeking a proper rehab treatment center. Recovery at home can be more personal, but you will not have the resources, support, and guidance from professionals. Professional help will almost always yield the best and most effective results, and should not be underestimated—even in spite of past negative experiences.

In rehab, you are also shielded and kept away from triggers and stressors that would remind you of your addictions when you are in rehab. You will be less tempted by drugs laying around or from the peer pressure. On the contrary, you will meet other fellow addicts who know and relate to the same problems as you—they understand the pain, struggles, depression, and frustrations that come with addiction.

Finally, you are less prone to dealing with relapse when you seek treatment in rehab when compared to personal, home treatment. Treatment in rehab follows a consistent, regulated schedule that builds on routines and rituals to help fortify a strong, resistant mindset. You can feel comfortable with much more security and assurance that you can maintain the habits you have adopted from rehab.

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