The Link Between Smoking, Heart Disease, and Strokes

Cardiovascular diseases have a strong link with smoking as do strokes. Strokes and heart-related disorders are the reasons that one in every three women pass away. When an individual’s blood vessels become leaner in width, coronary artery disease is present. In the United States, this is the most common type of cardiovascular disorder. Symptoms of cardiovascular disease include pain in one’s chest, a heart attack leading to blockage or death of the heart organ, the heart being unable to transport blood and oxygen effectively to other organs leading to heart failure, or arrhythmia, which is when the heart is either beating too slow or too fast or simply at an abnormal pace.

The Link Between Smoking, Heart Disease, and Strokes

Another major cause of death and disability are strokes. These tend to happen when there is an obstruction of the blood supply to the brain or if a blood vessel in the mind ruptures. This leads to the death of brain tissue. Due to this, having a stroke can lead to mental incapacitation, including the inability to move, muscle feebleness, difficulties with speech, and loss of memory. There is even the chance of death due to suffering a stroke.

I Understand What Strokes and Heart Disease Are But What Do They Have to Do with Smoking?

How does smoking play into the statistics regarding heart and blood vessel diseases? 25% of cardiovascular disease-related deaths are related to smoking. This is because smoking increases triglycerides while decreasing your good cholesterol. Your blood becomes more susceptible to clotting, as smoking causes the blood cells to become sticky. In turn, this will lead to the blood cells creating a barrier which blocks blood from moving to the brain and to the heart. The lining of the blood vessels becomes damaged, and plaque from elements like fat, cholesterol, and calcium begins to increase in the blood vessels, leading to thickening and them becoming slenderer.

It is not just smoking that increases the risk of these dangerous disorders. To help decrease your chance of having a stroke or developing heart disease limiting alcohol use is also encouraged. Some other routine alterations encouraged include staying away from secondhand smoke, eating fresh foods and a well-balanced diet without much fat or salt, staying within a healthy weight range, working out routinely, and following doctor recommendations regarding any underlying health conditions.

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