Tips for Staying Sober During the Holidays

Recovery is a process of growth and change, and it can be difficult on any normal day. But what about the potentially stressful time known as the holiday season? People in recovery, specifically early recovery, often wonder how others manage to stay sober during the holidays. The holidays are a wonderful time of family and friends gathering together. There are often parties and alcohol consumption at these parties. But what about people who have made the decision to give up drinking? How do they manage to not drink at these parties? Well, they were probably taught some tips on the best ways to maintain their sobriety through these situations. 

Tips on Staying Sober

Staying sober can be difficult for anyone, especially during the holidays. Those who have maintained recovery for a long time can tell you that the stress surrounding the holidays, and the stress that can be caused by family and friends during this time, can lead to relapse. However, there are some implementations that can help to combat the the common situations that can lead someone to relapse.

Practice Self-Care

This is one of the most important tips on how to stay sober during the holidays. Prioritizing yourself, and your needs is crucial to getting out of the situations that can be detrimental to staying sober. One of the most important things you can do for yourself is use meditation or breathing techniques to help recenter you when things get overwhelming and chaotic during holiday functions.

Know Your Limits

When things get overwhelming, knowing when to walk away from any situation is vital. It is especially crucial to know what your limits are during the crazy and chaotic holiday season. How to stay sober during the holidays can deeply be impacted by pushing yourself to stay in a situation that could potentially be harmful to your sobriety can be a recipe for relapse. Maintain your boundaries, and walk away when you need to.

Have Support

Having the support and love from people in recovery, and even those not in recovery, can help to strengthen your foundation when things may seem a little shaky. Keep in contact with people on the same path, and keep people around you who support your recovery. They help you during normal days, imagine what they can do during the more stressful time of the holidays. These contacts and supports will be very beneficial to helping you through the holidays. 

Create New Traditions and Plans

One of the most important things about recovery is changing people, places, and things. Not hanging out with people who are participating in things you no longer want to partake in, going to the places you used to go to. If potentially being around people who are drinking seems overwhelming, and you feel uncomfortable, you can always say no and start making new traditions as a way to stay sober during the holidays. Your family and friends will understand is you do not want to jeopardize your recovery.

Avoid Triggers

You know better than anyone what and who triggers your drinking. How you can stay sober during the holidays can be impacted by attending functions, or spending time with people or at places that are triggering to you. Stay vigilant and know what the people, places, and things you should avoid are. Avoid these things at all costs.

Prioritize Your Sobriety

Your sobriety comes first. It is important to understand that, and know that you can stay sober. Keeping non-alcoholic beverages in hand can help you to turn down people offering you drinks if you are uncomfortable divulging your recovery with them. Avoiding areas of parties and dinners where alcohol is stored can also be helpful to staying sober during the holidays and functions associated with them. Just make sure that you know staying sober is possible, and you can do it.

Have a Way Out of Uncomfortable Situations

This is the most important tip anyone can give, and that someone can use. It is perfectly acceptable to leave when you need to. If things get to be too much, you become too overwhelmed, or you feel like you want to, or even may drink again, implement an exit strategy. Try to have your own transportation to and from events, and if this isn’t a possibility, have a friend willing to pick you up if needed. Take an Uber. Call a taxi. Whatever you need to do in order to stay sober.

Getting Addiction Help in Nashville, TN

Quitting drinking is a big decision, and it takes a strong person to make it. If you are concerned with a loved one’s drinking, or even your own, there is help. Recovery is a possibility. At Discovery Place, we have addiction professionals on staff who can help to guide you as you make a decision to change your life. Contact us today to begin your transition into a life of recovery.

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