Rehabilitation Myths Debunked

Rehabilitation Myths DebunkedEntering rehabilitation can be an intimidating process for many, but a commendable one for those who recognize they have a problem and need help. There are several misconceptions about rehabilitation programs that often lead those in need to believe that it may not be a place for them. These myths may also cause undue fear for struggling individuals that require assistance to recover from their addictions.

It is natural to be unsure about something that you have never experienced before or something that has a stigma associated with it. Rehabilitation, unfortunately, is surrounded by some unfair stigmas which make it appear to be much different than what it is. The reality is that quality rehabilitation and detox program alternatives can do wonders for your health and the rest of your life. When you decide to take your future into your own hands and better yourself, you are making the right decision that will not only benefit you but also the relationships you have with your loved ones.

Additionally, it is important to note, you are not alone in this journey. Millions suffer from addiction, and the results of the disease even beyond the devastating effects on health are equally devastating on life outcomes. There were over six million individuals in 2011 who made the same choice to enter a program and get much-needed help. The more information you have, the better you can feel about moving forward. Here are some of the main myths about rehabilitation programs that must be debunked.

Celebrities Are the Only Individuals Who Go To Treatment

Celebrities are well-publicized in everything they do, especially when it is scandalous. Hearing about the constant influx of these individuals in and out of rehabilitation programs may make it seem like treatment centers are only for the elite. This is false. They are for anyone who is struggling, and there are many options that make them accessible to everyday people. Non-profit addiction treatment center alternatives, like Discovery Place, offer programs for those that are serious about recovery in an effective and affordable format.

Hitting Rock Bottom is the Only Reason To Enter A Program

Often, it takes a really bad episode for one to realize that they are in distress and do have a problem that needs addressing, but one doesn’t have to “hit rock bottom” to get help. Even those who are functioning well in life but know they have a problem can be proactive in their wellness and get treatment before their addiction becomes out of hand. All individuals who have a problem with substance abuse can benefit and be successful in a well-rounded program.

Treatment Is Like Quitting Cold Turkey

Medical detox and treatment centers have medical staff onboard who help patients smoothly and comfortably wean off of drugs or alcohol in the safest way possible. Some prescriptions are used to facilitate this, such as:

  • Buprenorphine, a mild opioid with limited abuse potential, which alleviates opioid withdrawal pains.
  • Methadone, which is similar to buprenorphine and used in serious opioid and heroin addictions.
  • Naltrexone eases cravings and assists with withdrawal from alcohol and opioids.
  • Antidepressants 

Only Weak Individuals Meet Treatment To Quit Their Addiction

The expert assistance and medical intervention of treatment far surpasses anything that can be done by one’s self, and statistically, it leads to a higher rate of recovery without remission when compared to quitting alone. The accountability and structure, as well as the support system, is built for success in a treatment program. Going at it alone means you may lack all of these necessary factors. It is quite common to relapse when trying to quit alone due to this lack of organization and assistance.

Effective Rehabilitation In Tennessee

Detoxing from alcohol or other illicit can be accomplished in a variety of settings, including places equipped to handle detox, such as a medical detox facility, at home, or in a hospital. For help in ceasing your drug use, Discovery Place of Burns, Tennessee is an amazing option. We have everything from a 30-day residential alternative rehab to continuing care for recovery. Our trained professionals at Discovery Place are ready to take your call right now. Give us a call at 1-800-725-0922.

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