Making the Most of Your Addiction Treatment

Reaching recovery is seen as the final crucial step to overcoming a drug addiction of any kind, but it can make for some of the most intense pressure on an addict. Oftentimes, recovery feels like be-all, end-all situation with no second chances.

Not only is this a false pretense, but it can lead to an unhealthy mindset in the recovery process. But this shouldn’t stop anyone from making the most of their recovery.

As an addict trying to recover, you must know what makes your mind tick, what you struggle with most, all while maintaining patience and a persistent attitude.

Know What Triggers You

Every drug addict deals with triggers of some sort—reminders of their addiction that prompt cravings and desires to break sobriety. This includes familiar situations, locations, spending time with certain individuals, specific objects, or even watching some movies or looking at photos.

By being aware of these triggers, you can keep in mind what to avoid while going through the recovery process and afterward. After all, post-recovery can be one of the most vulnerable times for an addict worrying about a possible relapse.

Once you have figured your triggers out, you can plan out how to handle exposure to these factors ahead of time. Don’t be afraid or ashamed to be honest with your friends and family about these triggers, and explain what you are going through.

Participate in Social and Group Activities

While fighting a drug addiction can make for some fearful times and you may wish to isolate yourself, isolation will only make the problem exponentially worse.

Participating in group activities and therapy sessions is one of the largest and crucial components of recovery. Human beings are typically social creatures who benefit greatly from social interaction.

An addiction on its own can be a frightening and lonely experience—something that can be rectified by meeting other people with similar problems. By relating and connecting to other addicts, you will find that you are not alone in your struggles and problems. This can be an especially comforting feeling. You should also focus on not only building connections with these people, but even reconnecting with friends and family you may have pushed away throughout the struggle of your addiction or other difficult times. Reconnecting with others can not only be a rewarding but also therapeutic experience that greatly builds up the recovery process.

Allow Yourself Time to Heal

Patience is a virtue, as well as another incredibly important component of recovery. As much as we wish the recovery process could happen overnight, that sadly isn’t the case. You must be willing to give yourself patience and understanding when you face difficult times and struggle with your addiction.

Give yourself time and space to heal and regulate back to your normal schedules again. Be kind to yourself, be forgiving when you struggle or make a mistake, but keep faith in yourself to do better. Give yourself generous, long-term goals while praising any progress you make. You may find that being kind and easy on yourself will help alleviate the stress as you work towards your best recovery.

Making the Most of Your Addiction Treatment

If you or a loved one have been suffering through a drug addiction of any kind and wish to seek recovery, consider looking into a local Tennessee Treatment & Rehab program, as well as Discovery Place’s own recovery programs such as our 30 Day Residential Addiction Recovery Program or Long Term Drug and Alcohol Addiction Recovery Program in Burns, Tennessee. Call us for a free consultation at 1-800-725-0922.

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