Key Principles To Effective Addiction Treatment

What is addiction? Is it a personal choice? Maybe a weakness? Addiction has been classified and defined as a disease. There has been plenty of research into the pathways that lead to addiction and the way that it persists in one’s life. While there is still much more to be understood about the nature of addiction, one question always stands above the rest: Can a substance use problem be successfully treated?

The short answer is yes, but the way towards treatment isn’t cut and dry, it is quite multidimensional and complex. An individual who is addicted can’t simply abstain for a period of time and call it a cure. A multistage approach with long-term care and, for some, repeat treatments are necessary for total recovery to be achieved.

The Nature Of Addiction 

An effective treatment program will provide the afflicted individual the ability to:

  • Stop using and abusing the substance 
  • Refrain from using again
  • Re-enter society and life successfully 

Research done in the mid-1970s defined principles that established what is required for a treatment program to be successful. The first aspect is understanding what addiction is, which is a disease. It is complex in nature but does have the ability to be overcome. It’s an affliction that takes place in the way the brain functions and how one behaves.

There can be many approaches towards treatment and no one specific treatment is going to be the magic cure to work for everyone. Success is heavily dependent on easily accessible help and every aspect plaguing the addict must be evaluated and addressed. The length of treatment matters and behavioral therapies combined with medications make for the most well-rounded approach. To ensure the best outcomes, treatment plans need to be examined often adapted to meet the changing needs of the addict.

Aspects Of Treatment

Not only does substance abuse require addressing, but mental disorders must also be taken into consideration. It is very common for addicts to also suffer from mental disease. The one established way every treatment program must begin is through medical detox.

Finding an Effective Tennessee Treatment Alternative Center

Key Principles To Effective Addiction Treatment When you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, you need to know there is hope. A quality program with plenty of support and a proven track record of success can be the structure you need to help you work through the process. The soothing and beautiful countryside of Tennessee provides a relaxing backdrop to heal. Discovery Place is a Tennessee-based addiction alternative treatment center that offers a 12-step approach.

Don’t allow another day to pass in the throws of your addiction. Discovery Place’s Tennessee medical detox alternative treatment center is here to help. Our caring staff will answer your questions and discuss your situation with you 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Call the Tennessee 12-step addiction alternative center at Discovery Place today at 1-800-725-0922.

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