How To Successfully Detox from Opiate Addiction

Heroin and prescription painkillers are all classified as opiates. These drugs have many different forms, including liquids, powders, tablets, and even syrups. Each of these forms has varying ways to be introduced into the body, and taking them is highly addictive. If you have tried to overcome your opiate addiction but struggled along the way, don’t give up. There is hope, and you can do it if you have a proper support structure in place.

Don’t Try to Go “Cold Turkey”

There are many who recognize they have an addiction problem and believe they have the willpower and ability to overcome it alone. By simply stopping consumption and quitting, they can cure themselves of their cravings. The problem with this train of thought, however, is that when it comes to opiate addiction, the numbers and studies show is that this method is usually unsuccessful.

Most people who try to stop alone end up only being able to go without using for a short period of time before they go back to it. The on-and-off cycle of trying to quite and then starting again can wreak havoc on your body and mind. It can make you feel hopeless and discourage you from trying to overcome your addiction altogether.

The actual process of quitting involves overcoming extremely controlling and substantial physical and mental hurdles. The physical symptoms are, many times, overwhelming for most. You feel so terrible that you use just to cope with the stress and bodily pain. If you are successful in overcoming the physical withdrawal phase, you still have a long journey ahead. The psychological draw to the drug and use is itself, very powerful and constant. It can widdle you down and weaken your resolve over time.

Getting Help

How To Successfully Detox from Opiate Addiction

If you are ready to stop using and you really want to change and overcome your addiction there is no question you need help to do it. It is OK to ask for support and assistance, nobody is perfect and nobody is all powerful. Your ability to ask for the resources necessary to get clean is a strong step in the right direction all by itself.

Medical detox centers and opiate addiction treatment centers like Discovery Place in Tennessee, provide stable and supportive surroundings that can help you manage both the physical and psychological symptoms of withdrawal in a more comfortable way. There are FDA-approved medications available that are meant to help the withdrawal process. Our facility provides you a safe environment without distractions and external triggers which could cause you to feel the need to use. Through our well-rounded programs, your overall healing will be addressed.

Our after-treatment structure ensures that you are provided the support you need to continue to live sober even when you are no longer at our center. To learn more about our programs call us today at 1-800-725-0922. We are here to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Together we can help you through a successful recovery.

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