How to Make the Most of Your Sobriety Getaway

There are many difficult challenges that come with overcoming and recovering from addiction. For many, the withdrawal is one of the most difficult phases due to its severe symptoms. For others, rehabilitation itself may feel difficult when working with other people. And for some recovering addicts, maintaining sobriety after rehab is the most difficult stage.

Because of this struggle, many addicts will often take a type of vacation or getaway from their average routine. By practicing such lively experiences, they can be healthy reminders to have fun and make the most of your time. Planning these trips can be difficult sometimes, however, especially if you are someone who rarely vacations or takes breaks.

Nevertheless, there are numerous tips and guidelines that can help you make these decisions. By deciding based on what fits and works best for you, you can make the most out of this opportunity.

Have a Support System

Through any phase of recovery, it is critical to build a support system of some kind. Whether said support system consists of family, friends, or even a therapy animal, having this backing lifts many burdens significantly.

Some might speculate that going on a sort of pilgrimage alone will yield results, but it is actually quite the opposite. Loneliness and isolation often encourage people to drink and abuse drugs, especially in relapse. At the very least, you should keep close contact with a support system if you decide to travel alone.

You might also consider looking into a group tour geared towards recovery, as some places hold. These trips are designed to cater to you and help you relax and fulfill certain needs in maintaining sobriety.

Reference Strategies from Rehabilitation

When struggling with maintaining sobriety, it never hurts to go back to the basics. You may be taking a vacation, but your struggle with recovery and sobriety never will. It can be easy to run into daily activities that encourage you to fall back into addiction, such as casual drinking parties or celebrations.

Even if you explore a brand new place, you may encounter tourists or locales embracing these pastimes. In rehab and therapy, you may be taught how to handle such situations. Though difficult, these can be perfect opportunities to put them into practice.

Center Your Trip Around What YOU Enjoy

In a sobriety getaway—especially in groups—you may forget that the entire reason for the trip is for you. For some, it can be easy and tempting to try to please everyone on the trip. In reality, the true priority is maintaining your sobriety and happiness. To truly make the most of this vacation, you should build and center it around yourself and your interests.

Choosing a location that interests you most is the first and one of the most important choices. But additionally, you should also decide numerous activities in the getaway. Though these activities should be picked out entirely to your liking, the following are the most common and effective:

  • Spa treatments
  • Visiting local sights
  • Taking on new adventures
  • Therapeutic activities such as yoga and meditation
  • Tours and hikes
  • Cultural activities based on location

young woman 1745173 640In these trips, experts may often recommend exposing and surrounding yourself with nature. This is because many elements found in nature are known to have relaxing effects on the human mind and body. From simple exposure to plants and sunlight to surrounding yourself in a jungle, many natural remedies exist. By analyzing yourself and what pleasures calm you, you can make the most of your sobriety getaway.

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