How Can An Addiction To Marijuana Impact Your Life?

The trend of marijuana legalization is increasing across the nation. There are currently 33 states in addition to Washington, D.C. that have legalized medical marijuana use and 11 states that have legalized recreational marijuana use. More states are putting forth legislation regarding the legalization of marijuana. Poll after poll shows that the majority of the United States population approve of marijuana legalization and regular recreational use.

There is the belief that marijuana is not harmful, but it is the opposite that is true. Addiction to marijuana may alter your brain chemistry. Chronic use of marijuana may cause you to develop dependency and increase your risk for further drug abuse. Marijuana doesn’t lead to physical dependency but it may cause psychological addiction.

Understanding The Effects Of Regular Marijuana Consumption

Even with the rise in legalization across the country, there still are states where marijuana possession and use is illegal. Under federal law, marijuana is not legal. Marijuana can be ingested in a variety of ways, most commonly either eaten or smoked. The calming effect if offers are very appealing to a large portion of the population. 

When a person is high on marijuana, their judgment, ability to function, and reaction time are limited. The impairment can last up to 3 hours. Driving while high on marijuana is not only illegal across the country, it is reckless behavior that puts you and others on the road at risk for injuries or death in the event of a vehicular accident. 

Very heavy users do well by seeking treatment to help them overcome their addiction. The medical detox and addiction alternative treatment center at Discovery Place can help you overcome your addiction to marijuana when you are struggling to distance yourself from using.

Marijuana use can lead to apathy with regard to daily life and responsibilities. This can cause you to have difficulties holding down a job or making it to class, for instance. If you can’t seem to make it into work, making a living will be difficult. When you aren’t attending class, you are likely to fail to achieve a degree. Not only does regular use impact life goals, but it can also have negative ramifications with relationships and your reputation.

Where Can You Find Marijuana Addiction Treatment In Tennessee?

How Can An Addiction To Marijuana Impact Your LifeMarijuana creates a strong psychological addiction. When you are unable to stop using marijuana on your own, this is a red flag that you may have a substance abuse disorder. When you become dependant on any substance, including marijuana living a happy, healthy, and balanced life is much more difficult. Discovery Place in Tennessee will give you the tools and resources to detox, begin to heal, and stay sober for the long-term. The detox alternative treatment center at Discovery Place in Burns, Tennessee offers a comprehensive approach to recovery including a 30-day residential program, a long-term recovery program, a continuing care program, and a family matters workshop.

You can overcome your addiction and we will help you with every step along the way. Take some time to speak with one of our caring staff members at the Tennessee detox alternative treatment center at Discovery Place anytime at 1-800-725-0922.

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