How Addiction Can Change Your Personality

Drug and alcohol abuse can have negative effects on your body, but the adverse changes to your personality can also be devastating. The consequences of addiction may not be noticeable at first, but over time, your brain will start craving whatever substance you’re abusing. Your focus will begin to be centered around feeding your addiction. This can not only cause irreversible damage to your brain but can also destroy your relationship with your loved ones. At Discovery Place, we understand how difficult this effect can be, especially if you’re concerned about a loved one. If you’ve noticed personality changes in a loved one that you believe may be related to drug use, please contact our trained addiction professionals at 1-800-725-0922 today!

The Changes In Your Personality From Addiction

While many things can be addicting, drugs and alcohol can have mind-altering consequences that occur without you necessarily noticing that changes are taking place.  Addicts will often have clouded judgment and lose their sense of responsibilities towards loved ones. An individual’s reaction to drug addiction is always unique to their circumstances, but some examples of these dangerous personality changes include:

  • Laziness: All of your energy will be drained due to your addiction. Previous activities, such as exercising, working, and enjoying your hobbies, will seem virtually impossible while abusing any substance. The minimal moments of entertainment from your substance abuse will be engulfed by a prolonged sluggish feeling.
  • Impulsiveness: Any impulsive behavior that you already have will be amplified when dealing with substance addiction. This can severely impact your financial situation and lead to debt. Your clouded judgment will cause you to make rash decisions that you’re guaranteed to regret.
  • Selfishness: In the pursuit of your next high, you’ll become extremely selfish. Important friends and family within your life will seem irrelevant once you’re fully in the claws of addiction. Going to your brother’s wedding won’t seem as important as getting high or drunk. Addiction takes away your ability to appreciate and care for your loved ones.
  • Lying: Telling lies will become second nature while knee-deep in addiction. As you become more and more dependant on your substance abuse, you’ll start lying to your loved ones in order to chase your high. Eventually, the lying will lead to stealing and your morality will slowly deteriorate.
  • Distrustfulness: As your addiction continues to overtake your personality, you’ll start to distrust all of your loved ones. Anyone that doesn’t encourage your substance abuse will seem like a threat to you. People that have always cared about you will suddenly seem like potential threats to your high. Even your own flesh and blood can seem like enemies within the eyes of addiction.
  • Aggressiveness: Your addiction can lead to violent outbursts as well. Whether you become verbally or physically aggressive, addiction will make you prone to violence. As you sink deeper into your substance abuse, you’re likely to defend your addiction whenever anyone attempts to help you. At worst, you may even be willing to commit violent crimes in an attempt to fund your addiction.

Treating Your Addiction

While overcoming your substance abuse can seem like a daunting task, you’re not alone. Your friends at Discovery Place offer countless rehabilitation programs that will set you on the path towards long-term recovery. With the “30 Day”, “Long Term”, and “Continuing Care” programs, you’ll have a stable support system that will always be there for you. If you or a loved one are in need of recovery treatment call Discovery Place at 1-800-725-0922.

How Addiction Can Change Your Personality

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