Drug Addict and Alcoholic Pecking Order

For as long as I have been around Alcoholics Anonymous, there has been a perceived, unspoken “pecking order” regarding drugs and alcohol. I suppose it’s typically egoic for us humans to trump ourselves up to appear a little better than those around them, but at times it can be downright comical! This unfortunate holier-than-thou syndrome can be summed up with the saying, “I crawled in here to look down on all of you.” Here are a few examples:

  • The alcoholics vilify the dopers… all of ‘em.
  • The sophisticated cocaine sniff-only crowd looks down on the sloppy drunks.
  • The crackheads slanderously refer to the coke snorters as wusses.
  • The coke needle freaks disparage the crackheads as wimps.
  • The needle freaks view the meth heads as smoky trailer park trash.
  • The meth heads consider the pillheads pansies.
  • The pillheads look down on the needle junkies as subhuman.
  • The needle junkies look down on the opiate pill snorters as cream puffs.
  • Meanwhile, the pill snorters wish they had the guts to load a needle.
  • And at the bottom of the pile is the drunk, laying in the gutter believing he’s better than all of ‘em.
  • That’s my perception. I suspect you’ve all experienced variations on the same theme. How would you rate ‘em? OH!!! By the way… drug is a drug is a drug.

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