Continuing Care Throughout Recovery

Often, we push away loved ones during our active addiction. Recovery is a lifelong process. Even if we were lucky enough to be able to make amends and keep our previous friends and family in our lives, we still need sober networks that can guide us throughout our recovery. The need for continued support does not end after completing care at alternative treatment centers, or residential, outpatient, or inpatient therapy settings. It is also necessary to take steps to figure out who you are as a sober individual.

12-Steps and Support Groups

There are a plethora of support group choices including mental health diagnosis and 12-step meetings. Some of these include:

  • Alcoholics Anonymous: This everyday self-help group uses the “Big Book” to help guide the recovery process. A.A. allows members of any age, race, culture, and education.
  • Crystal Meth Anonymous: C.M.A supports their meetings via member donations. Anyone wishing to abstain from the use of drugs and alcohol is welcome to take part.
  • Cocaine Anonymous: C.A. does not discriminate against anyone attending its meetings. It does require the individual to have a strong desire to quit the utilization of any mind-altering substances. These meetings are free, though they do welcome contributions.
  • Narcotics Anonymous: N.A. began in 1953. It also does not turn individuals away. It utilizes contributions from members to continue with ongoing fellowship. They do not distinguish between any substances, including alcohol.
  • Marijuana Anonymous: M.A. allows anyone to attend their meetings if they are wanting to maintain sobriety from mind-altering substances, especially cannabis.

These groups can aid you in working through the 12-steps to make amends to family and friends.

Important Aspects of Finding Yourself Again

During active addiction, we often neglect our self-care, from healthy eating and liquid intake to hygiene, as well as social and monetary obligations. It is important to also figure out what you now enjoy. What are some possible sober activities?

Continuing Care Throughout Recovery

  • Street or team sports. These may be things you enjoyed from your childhood or that you find interesting now. There is soccer, hockey, roller derby, basketball, rugby, baseball, and football. Kickball, badminton, volleyball, dodgeball, disc golf, and golf are also other options. There are also single person activities like dance, surfing, and skating.
  • Books, newspapers, magazines, or other reading materials. Most cities and towns have libraries that offer free cards to check out written materials.
  • Arts and crafts or other projects hobby stores offer.
  • Gyms or the YMCA. There are many types of fitness machines and both free weights and weight equipment in most gyms. Often these establishments offer group fitness classes, private trainers, and childcare options.
  • Classes online. Some colleges offer free non-credit courses on the web. Community colleges and vocational schools also offer in-person courses for low costs. These classes may include budgeting, accounting, cooking, writing, gardening, specific sports, yoga, music, foreign languages, or computers. These classes could even help set you up for future travel, dinner parties, pot locks, or jobs.
  • Gardening, parks, zoos, or aquariums. You may enjoy a new-found love of nature.
  • Take up a new paying job or volunteer opportunity. This will help you to realize things you are good at as well as what you enjoy. It will also provide you with a sense of purpose.

Discovery Place is Here for You

Burns, Tennessee is the home of an alternative treatment rehab called Discovery Place. We offer continuing care for recovery from drug addiction and alcoholism. We provide ongoing support, encouragement, and direction throughout our alumni’s first year of recovery. Before our guests complete our 30-day residential recovery program our trained staff collaborate with them to create a specific plan of action for sustained sobriety. Call us today at 1-800-725-0922 and get the help you need.

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