Coping with the Symptoms of Withdrawal and Detox

Withdrawals symptoms and detox also carry with them the chance of a fatal reaction depending on what type of substance is used and the severity of the addiction. For those suffering through the pains of withdrawal, it can seem like it will go on forever, but long-term addiction recovery is possible with the right team at your side. At Discovery Place, we’re committed to helping you through the early stages of the detox process so you can focus on your path to an addiction-free future.

Common Withdrawal and Detox Symptoms

Withdrawal symptoms are not the same for everyone. Some individuals may not experience any withdrawal symptoms, while others may undergo mild psychological effects, and some may experience a plethora of physical and psychological detoxification symptoms. The effects of stopping the use  of a substance one has been abusing can differ depending on the amount of the substance and the frequency it was used, the length of time the drug or alcohol was abused, the individual’s tolerance levels, substance combinations, and physical and psychological preexisting factors.

Some of the most common withdrawal symptoms include, insomnia, depression, and anxiety. Perspiration, restlessness, changes in appetite, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and headaches are also frequently common. Other symptoms like muscle spasms, increased heart rate, and blood pressure are commonly seen during opiate detoxification cases.

Common Withdrawal and Detox Symptoms

Upon abruptly stopping alcohol or drug use, seizures can often occur if the detox is not properly cared for. During the detox process, patients can also suffer from extreme physical weakness, tremors, and Delirium tremens (DT’s). Irritability and hallucinations have also been noted detox side effects for those who are in alcohol withdrawal.

When quitting taking a legal or illegal substance, you may face some or all of these symptoms. Withdrawal and detox can be a potentially fatal bodily reaction if not closely monitored and treated. Being in an environment that has the training to handle one’s detoxification symptoms can mitigate these risks and is a user’s best option for sobriety.

Treatment for Detox Symptoms

Everyone deserves the opportunity to recover from the use of addictive substances, but It is important to do so in a safe environment. To decrease the chances of complications when one stops their substance use, many choose to attend substance abuse treatment in a specialized addiction treatment center. On its own detoxification is not treatment per se, though it is a wonderful first step to take.

If you are willing to take this first step, you will not be facing the pains of detox and withdrawal alone. Medications are utilized in eighty percent of addiction detox programs to aid with safety.  For those suffering from alcohol or drug addiction in Tennessee, Discovery Place is ready to start your journey of a substance-free life. Contact us at 1-800-725-0922 to learn more about our treatment programs and the unique techniques personalized for your own recovery. You are not alone and our trained professionals are ready to help!

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