Common Myths About Drugs and Alcohol Abuse

The number of people in America that suffer daily from drug addiction or alcoholism and abuse is astonishing. In 2017 the National Survey on Drug Use and Health discovered that 19.7 million Americans age 12 and over, battled a substance use disorder. Almost 75 percent of these adults struggled with alcohol abuse. Further findings uncovered that 38 percent of adults wrestled with an illicit drug use disorder.

 There is no doubt that the misuse of drugs and alcohol can have negative side effects on users and their loved ones. Although they can be dangerous, there is a lot of misinformation that surrounds alcohol and drug addiction and how it should be handled. Being educated fully on the signs, symptoms, and concerns can help to uncover the truth behind drug and alcohol abuse. 

Busting Myths About AbuseCommon Myths About Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Social media, television shows, movies, and music all paint a picture of what alcoholism and drug addiction are like. With the internet being so easily accessible, a lot of false information is posted that creates widely spread rumors and myths about substance abuse and addiction. 

The following is a list of some of the top narratives that people often believe about drug and alcohol use and the real truth behind them:

  • Marijuana is not addictiveFalse! Although marijuana isn’t immediately addictive like some other drugs are, with repeated and continuous use, users can formulate a marijuana disorder that can then lead to marijuana addiction.
  • Pills are safe when prescribed by a doctorFalse! If a doctor prescribes you medication and you follow his or her precise instructions, you should be safe. Unfortunately, many people abuse prescription medication by changing the dosage or frequency of use. This increases the chances of addiction and health risks.
  • Beer is better for you than hard liquorFalse! Most liquor, beer, and wine all contain ethanol alcohol, meaning they contain generally the same makeup and offer the same side-effects. Similar to other alcoholic substances, beer can be addictive and can trigger alcoholism.

Sadly, some people also believe that users need to hit rock bottom before seeking help but this is also false. At Discovery Place we offer 24/7 guidance for those struggling with substance abuse or addiction. Our addiction blog provides people with more information about alcohol and drug addiction through research and recovery testimonies. If you feel that you are battling substance misuse, abuse, or addiction, contact our Tennessee alternative treatment facility today. 

Finding the Right Tennessee Recovery Treatment Facility

In 2017, an estimated 20.7 million people needed substance abuse treatment, but only around 4 percent received it. Often, people do not get the treatment they need because it is not accessible or affordable. Fortunately, there is a solution for that. 

At Discovery Place we offer affordable alternative addiction recovery programs that help individuals overcome substance abuse. Our Tennessee alternative recovery programs provide immediate help for those struggling with abuse and addiction with help from our exception patient recovery guides. Contact one of our Discovery Place counselors today to speak with a counselor and take the first step in healing and recovery. 

Our Burns alternative non-profit substance rehab facility is open 24/7 to individuals struggling with abuse or addiction problems. We understand the financial hardship that can be brought upon those with rehabilitation needs. 

If you or someone you love is suffering from alcohol or drug abuse or addiction, do not hesitate to get the necessary help. Contact our Tennessee alternative drug and alcohol treatment rehab facility today, at 1-800-725-0922. 

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