men needing mental health treatment in nashville
Mental Health

Treatment For Mental Health In Nashville, TN

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, mental health issues appear to be increasing across the United States. Stressors from fears of illness and death, as well as isolation, seem to have triggered mental health symptoms among many people. Problems with men’s mental health in Nashville have also increased along

herion addiction

Heroin Addiction: Treatment Center in Nashville, TN

While abuse of the drug dates to at least the 13th century, heroin remains a scourge among young people in the U.S. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), drug overdose deaths involving heroin rose from just under 2,000 in 1999 to more than 13,000 in 2020. Fortunately,

what is dual diagnosis?

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers in Nashville, TN

About half of all people who experience addiction to drugs or alcohol also deal with a dual diagnosis. Having mental illness alongside a heroin, alcohol, meth or cocaine addiction complicates anyone’s life. Discovery Place offers one of the only nonprofit dual diagnosis treatment centers in Tennessee. Our men’s only facility

crystal meth

Meth Addiction Treatment In Nashville, TN

Methamphetamine (meth) addiction is a serious disorder that can be incredibly difficult to overcome. Discovery Place offers effective meth addiction treatment in Nashville, Tennessee. We provide comprehensive treatment programs designed to address the physical, mental, and spiritual needs of those suffering from meth addiction. Our compassionate staff is specially trained

staging an intervention

What If My Loved One Won’t Go to Treatment?

Understanding the difference between forcing your loved one to go to treatment and setting the appropriate bottom lines—adding pressure for them to find inherent motivation—can make or break an individual’s success in recovery. Many families face the struggle of attempting to convince their addicted loved ones to seek help for

bag of cocaine

Cocaine Addiction Treatment In Nashville, TN

Potent, addictive, and widely available, cocaine has negatively affected countless users and their families for generations. It was popularized through the 1980s and currently experiencing a resurgence among today’s youth. Currently, cocaine still presents serious risks to one’s physical and mental health. Fortunately, Discovery Place provides individualized, comprehensive cocaine addiction

man reaching out to help an alcoholic friend

11 Tips To Help An Alcoholic Family Member Or Friend

There’s a lot of information out there on how to help an alcoholic get on the road to recovery. And like with most things, some of it is better than others. We’ve been working with alcoholics and addicts for more than 20 years and know just how difficult it can

trauma and addiction

How Physical Trauma Affects Addiction

Trauma and addiction oftentimes go hand in hand. If you ask someone what got them into using drugs and alcohol heavily, physical trauma or injury can often be heard as an answer in response. Physical trauma has such a profound effect on the lives of individuals who experience it. Obviously

family counseling for addiction

The Effectiveness of Family Counseling for Addiction Treatment

Family counseling for addiction can be extremely beneficial. Anyone who has a loved one struggling with drugs or alcohol can agree that addiction doesn’t just affect the person who is using drugs or alcohol. Addiction is a family disease, and everyone involved in the person’s life on a day to

barbiturates and benzos

Why Are Barbiturates So Much More Dangerous Than Benzos?

These medications have similar functions and uses. However, the differences in the two are why barbiturates are so much more dangerous than benzos. Both have the effects of sedation, and are used to treat the same things. However, there is one distinct difference between the two. Understanding each of these