Codeine: How and Why it’s Abused

Addiction can affect anyone regardless of their age, family history, financial status, or race. Even trying a drug one time could lead to dependence. A popular drug that people often abuse is codeine, which is a prescription opioid drug that suppresses severe coughs and treats mild pain. Codeine is largely found in cough syrups and is considered a Schedule III drug since there have been high rates of abuse in recent years. Sometimes people have no intention of abusing the drug, but their doctor may prescribe them promethazine with codeine to help suppress a severe cough. Unfortunately, if not taken as prescribed, the medication can be highly addictive.

How Users Abuse Codeine?

Once users experience the narcotic high that codeine produces, they continue to experiment with the drug by mixing it with other substances to make it more pleasurable. For example, many users mix codeine cough syrup with soda or alcoholic beverages, which can be very dangerous. These mixes are popularly known as ‘lean’ or ‘purple drank.’

Sometimes users mix codeine with dextromethorphan, or DXM, which is also dangerous and really intoxicating. DXM is known for producing euphoric feelings and mind-altering effects when taken in large doses. Depending on how much of the drug is consumed, individuals may experience distortions of color and sound, hallucinations, and loss of mobility.

Negative Side Effects of Cough Syrup

Although users may prefer to mix codeine cough syrup with alcoholic beverages or other substances, there are some negative side effects of consuming too much of the drug. Users may experience temporary sedation and euphoric sensations, but they could also experience memory loss and seizures. Users may not be aware of how easy it is to overdose on cough syrup, especially when mixed with other substances. Opioids are known for depressing breathing, especially if a person falls asleep. Eventually, the person will experience oxygen deprivation during their sleep, which could be life-threatening if not treated immediately. Because mixing opioids with alcohol enhances the negative effects of both substances, it’s harder for emergency crews to assist an individual who has overdosed.

Since alcohol and opioids are two of the most addictive substances in the country, mixing them can lead to hazardous health effects, build tolerance, create codependency, and result in addiction. Therefore, if you suspect that your loved one is suffering from substance abuse disorder, it’s important to intervene and help them seek treatment options.

Alternative Treatment Centers in Tennessee

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