Cannabis and Pregnancy: What You Need to Know

With all the hype regarding legal cannabis (medical and recreational), it is difficult to admit that the substance has its own set of dangers. Most people know of someone who was pregnant and claimed their physician told them to take a few hits of weed to calm down nausea they had from morning sickness. About one-fourth of pregnant women admit to the use of cannabis while they are pregnant. Unfortunately, there are developmental issues that can occur from the use of cannabis during pregnancy. Thus, it is important to speak with your physician if you use weed and are either pregnant or planning to become pregnant.

What Sort of Issues Can Weed Lead to In My Unborn Child?

The way you utilize pot does not change the fact that it will cause damage to your fetus. It does not matter if you smoke weed or ingest edibles, such as brownies or candies. The difference is in how long it will take for you to feel the effects of the drug and, therefore, variances in the risk of overdose. Cannabis components can affect your brain, lungs, blood vessels, heart, and liver.

Cannabis and Pregnancy: What You Need to Know

The chemicals from cannabis, particularly THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, will affect your unborn child. These substances cross the placenta, thereby affecting the fetus. The smoke from cannabis is also harmful, as second-hand smoke can cause their own slew of problems. Low birth weight is associated with newborns whose mothers used weed during pregnancy. It can even lead to the stillbirth of your baby. If you use pot and tobacco products together, you have an increased chance of preterm birth.

Paying attention and learning difficulties can develop in your child. For some, these issues are not noticed until your child becomes older. On the same note, a baby’s brain development can be disturbed by a mother’s cannabis use during pregnancy. Problems can even develop during the first trimester.

These same chemicals are stored in the mother’s fat. It is gradually released over time, making breastfeeding dangerous as well. However, the research regarding this has been found to have contradictory information. Due to this, it is still advised not to use cannabis if you are planning to, or are currently, breastfeeding your baby.

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