Benefits of 12-Step Programs

Although no two people have the same journey to recovery, there are proven programs that have successfully assisted millions of people with overcoming their addictions, one of which is the 12-step program. Understanding what 12-step programs entail and how they benefit those involved will help those suffering from addiction (and those who have loved ones suffering from addiction) take the necessary steps to begin recovering.

What to Expect in a 12-Step Program

Part of what makes 12-step programs successful is that sponsors are often used to assist new members with their recovery process. Sponsors are usually actively practicing the 12-step program while simultaneously providing support, encouragement, and guidance to new members in order to help them sustain long-term results.

In a 12-step program, the therapists remain involved and are constantly encouraging members to not only attend the meetings but to participate as well. The program allows therapists to explore and address the resistance patients feel when attending, participating, and completing the other working steps of the recovery program.

Studies show that those who had sponsors throughout their treatment process had a 50 percent (or more) chance of remaining sober post-treatment in comparison to those who did not have sponsors.

Those participating in outpatient 12-step programs can expect eight hours of the treatment broken into five group sessions and three private sessions.

Meetings provide a platform for sufferers to share their stories, discuss their victories and areas that could use improvement, and to set goals regarding their sobriety. The program is designed to help individuals take accountability for their past actions and experiences, commit to living an improved life by opting to make better choices, acknowledge who they have hurt in the past and reach out to repair those broken relationships, and use certain spiritual practices to help stay on track with their sobriety goals.

Finding the Right Program

If you or a loved one is suffering from addiction and would like assistance, it’s best to enroll in a recovery program in your area. Fortunately, there are ample recovery programs with excellent ratings online, and some of them may offer financial assistance for those who cannot afford the program. It’s important to ask the staff as much information as possible when deciding which facility is most suitable for you or your loved one’s needs.

Discovery Place Treatment Programs

At Discovery Place, we offer a unique alternative approach when assisting individuals with their recovery process because we are not a traditional treatment facility center. We don’t solely rely on therapeutic and psychiatric approaches as other centers do. We offer various programs, such as a 30-Day Alternative Residential Addiction Recovery Program and a Long-Term Alternative Addiction Recovery Program. In our programs, individuals will participate in educational groups, one-on-one sessions, 12-step studies, relapse prevention, and 12-step meetings that will take place on and off-site. If you or someone you love is suffering from addiction, please reach out to our alternative treatment & rehab center, or give us a call today at (800) 725-0922. We are looking forward to assisting you with your recovery process.

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