Music Festivals See Increase In Drug Overdoes And Alcohol Abuse

Music festivals are hotbeds for drug use. Every year these festivals have reports of serious injuries from overdose or death from drug-related activities. Between December 2017 and January 2019, there were six MDMA-related deaths reported at music festivals prompting Harriet Grahame, a coroner to call for changes to the way drugs are treated at these events. Grahame developed 28 recommendations including limiting strict searches to those suspected of selling drugs, pill testing, and to stop using sniffer dogs at festival gates.

According to Grahame, heavy police presence combined with drug detection dogs at these events are leading festival-goers to take more dangerous risks. One of the behaviors these individuals engage in is taking the drugs they have on them quickly because they fear being caught with illicit substances. Instead, medically supervised drug checking may help reduce injuries and deaths.

Opponents say that the police presence is necessary to reduce the supply of drugs. Music festivals create increased drug demand which, in turn, increases the supply and the associated organized criminal groups.

Music Festivals And Drug Culture

EDM, or Electronic Dance Music, is more than just a type of music it has developed into a culture with a reputation for substance abuse. In the 1990s the underground music scene started to slowly become more mainstream. As it became more well-known and popular, music festivals started to pop-up. These events attracted many thousands of people and with the love of the music also came rampant drug and alcohol use.

Ecstasy was the drug of choice as it was seen as a complement to the music. Users say that it enhanced their experience and opened their minds while listening to their beats. The pill form of ecstasy is MDMA, methylenedioxymethamphetamine. If taken in excess, it is extremely dangerous as it increases body temperature which will shut down vital organs. As temperatures increase so does sweating and then intense dehydration ensues.

MDMA use also decreases inhibitions causing individuals to make poor decisions. Individuals high on ecstasy are prone to have unprotected sex. Unprotected sex with strangers increases the risk for HIV/AIDS, other STDs, and unplanned pregnancy.

Are You Unable To Have A Good Time Without Alcohol Or Drugs?

Music Festivals See Increase In Drug Overdoes And Alcohol AbuseIf you find that you can’t have fun unless you are using alcohol or drugs you may be at risk for a substance abuse problem if you don’t already have one. Music festivals are just one place where alcohol and drug use is widespread but many other activities and social gatherings also include the use of these substances. Music festivals, however, are seeing a sharp increase in drug use that is much more than just ecstasy alone. Many festival-goers are using a combination of drugs and alcohol which is causing a rise in side effects which is sending these party-goers to the hospital.

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