12 Step Immersion for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Discovery Place is a non-profit men’s spiritual retreat just outside of Nashville, TN specializing in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. Using the tried and true process of 12 step immersion, Discovery Place guides men on the lifelong journey of recovery from substance abuse.

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We know what you’re going through. We’ve lived it.

We are recovering alcoholics and drug addicts. We know what you or your loved one is experiencing on an intimate and personal level. How? Because we lived it, survived it, and continue to recover from the hopelessness addiction can create.

All of our staff are in active recovery. Many of them were former guests here at Discovery Place. We know exactly what it feels like to walk up the steps on that first day trembling with fear of the unknown, bristling with anxiety. Our program is designed to dig up the roots of addiction and plant new seeds of spirituality and sobriety.

Recovery For the Long Haul

We believe that alcoholism and drug addiction is an illness that centers in the mind. If permanent sobriety for us was possible by the simple cessation of drinking or drugging, many of us would have stopped long before our lives had spun out of control. 

The most cunning trick our minds play is convincing us that after any period of  sobriety, we are safe to drink or use drugs again. In 12 step recovery we call this phenomenon delusion, or insanity. Through working the 12 steps on a daily basis, we are given a respite from the delusional thinking that brings us back to a drink after many weeks, months or even years of abstinence.

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Alcohol Abuse Statistics in Tennessee

Despite Tennessee’s charming countryside and widely celebrated music, the state is still subject to the harsh impacts of alcohol addiction. As a matter of fact, the most commonly misused substance in Tennessee is alcohol. That being the case, approximately 5% of the state’s residents drink an unhealthy amount.

Statistics reveal that alcohol misuse starts at an early age. For example, in 2018 the average age that those in Tennessee started consuming alcohol was only 14. Furthermore, over 20% of the state’s high schoolers have admitted to binge drinking. Given this prevalence of drinking, it is upsetting, yet not surprising, that Tennessee saw over 7,000 crashes involving drivers under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol in 2020. Tragically, these reckless and preventable collisions caused over 4,600 injuries and 435 deaths.

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Programs Offered at Our Nashville Rehab

All of our programs include family participation, support group sessions, and 12-Step immersion. Additionally, we work with renowned mental health professionals to ensure our guests get the specialized treatment they need. All of our programs take place in a structured and supportive environment and are led by experienced and empathetic professionals.

30-Day Residential Program

Our 30-day program gets men back on the right track. We offer small groups, having no more than 24 guests at a time. In addition to embracing the 12-step principles, we also encourage guests to upkeep a healthy diet, regular exercise routine, and consistent sleeping schedule during their time with us.

Long Term Addiction Treatment Program

In many cases, 30 days is not enough and men need additional support. Therefore, long-term programming can be instrumental in a successful recovery. Discovery Place offers 60 and 90-day programs in the Nashville area. Our long-term program model simulates the schedule and demands of the real world. It also provides guests with volunteer opportunities and job placement assistance.

Step Down Residential Program

Following one of our initial rehab programs, guests are eligible for another 1 to 9 months through our step-down program. This program is designed to solidify an individual’s foothold in sobriety through life skills development and ongoing accountability.

Continuing Care and Aftercare Programs

Discovery Place feels it is important to form lasting relationships with our alumni. This is why we offer continuous support, encouragement, and direction following graduation. The goal of aftercare is to reduce the risk of relapse and assist our alumni in conquering life’s challenges.

Family Matters

Addiction is a family disease. Therefore, it is important that family members remain a part of their loved one’s recovery program. Additionally, it is important that family members get the help they need as well. Discovery Place offers support for families so that everyone in the unit can find healing from the impacts of addiction.

12-Step Immersion

12-Step meetings such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) are a widely popular recovery model. Even after treatment, those living in sobriety continue attending these meetings in order to maintain their recovery. Discovery Place integrates the 12 Steps into our programs by encouraging guests to listen and share with others, engage in open and honest reflection, and maintain accountability.

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