What Is Alcoholism?

At Discovery Place our goal is to guide our guests to long term, enjoyable sobriety. Alcoholism is a disease that centers in the mind, and manifests itself in the mental, physical, and spiritual areas of the alcoholic’s life.

Many alcoholics have had periods of abstinence from alcohol, followed by still worse relapses. So many of us have tried hard and meant well, but have not been able to stop on our own. Our personal experiences have shown that many of us didn’t have a clue what our actual problem was.

We’ve made promises, many of them heartfelt, and found ourselves breaking those promises and drinking again. Irritability, restlessness, and discontentment are common traits of the untreated alcoholic, and at Discovery Place we walk men through a spiritual program of action that not only deals with those traits, but has helped thousands begin to live happy and purposeful lives.

is alcohol a stimulant or depressant

From Struggle to Serenity

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