This is where the rubber meets the road. Following our 30-day residential program and our 30 or 60-day long-term recovery program (LTR), our guests can receive another 1 to 9 months of guided recovery in our Step Down residential treatment in Nashville. In this final phase of Discovery Place’s proven 3-phase long-term addiction recovery plan, guests practice living a sober life in the “real world” while still in the safety of our ongoing structure and support.

Our most recent survey of guests found that 83.3% of reporting alumni who have participated in all three phases of the Discovery Place program have maintained one year of continuous sobriety. 

Guests who complete our 30-day program, LTR, and 9 months in Step Down can spend their first full year of recovery safely within the Discovery Place community.

What is the Step Down Residential Treatment Program?

The Step Down residential treatment program helps recent graduates of residential rehab continue building the skills needed for success and independence in recovery. While 30-day and LTR are critical to getting sober in early recovery, the Step Down residential treatment program allows you to transition to your daily life in early recovery.

During the Step Down residential treatment in Nashville or Clarksville at Discovery Place, you can continue to build your skills in coping with stressors and maintaining sobriety. At Discovery Place, we recognize that recovery takes time, and everyone goes at their own pace. With the Step Down program, you extend your time in treatment while getting guidance to practice recovery in the real world.

Men in the step down program from residential treatment in Nashville

How the Step Down Program Works

For many of our guests, returning to their old “playgrounds and playmates” right out of a 30-day residential addiction recovery program is a recipe for disaster. In addition, many in recovery have had their unhealthy habits for months or years. Therefore, it can be easy to relapse and go back to these habits after treatment. Our guests might need more time to learn all the tools Discovery Place offers for this reason. Above all, the Step Down program shows you how to put these tools to use in a safe and controlled environment. 

So we created the Step Down Program—1 to 9 months of guided care—to give men an opportunity to continue building a sober foundation. Moreover, they do this while learning to practice spiritual principles in daily life, safely and securely. Thus, individualized programs during Step Down residential treatment in Nashville allow for more responsibility and independence with ongoing insight and direction from Discovery Place staff.  

The Step Down Residential Treatment Program in Nashville includes:

  • An additional 1 to 9 months of guided recovery within our community, including individual check-ins with a Discovery Place guide
  • A structured weekly schedule, including 12-Step meetings, work with a sponsor, service, and fellowship 
  • Volunteer opportunities at Discovery Place and in the community
  • Ongoing peer accountability with other Step Down guests
  • Housing and job placement assistance
  • Life skills development, including grocery shopping, meal planning, cooking, budgeting, personal finance, and other household duties
  • Connect with social services like food subsidies (EBT cards) and income-based mental and physical health programs
  • Off-campus fellowship and entertainment activities

In short, these skills and activities will help you create your new sober life after leaving residential treatment. As a result of extending your treatment, you increase your chances of success in early recovery.

What to Expect at our Residential Treatment Program in Nashville, TN

Guests can participate in Step Down after completing 30 days in our residential program followed by another 30 or 60 days in LTR. In Step Down, guests work with Discovery Place staff (a “guide”) to create a customized recovery plan. Recovery plans in Step Down include more responsibility and independence around things like work, school, and volunteer commitments. Above all else, recovery comes first.

Therefore, you can expect continued guidance and recovery services as a guest at our Step Down residential treatment program. Addiction doesn’t take hold overnight, and neither will your recovery. If you need additional time in treatment after LTR, the Step Down program is the next step for your recovery.

Amenities and Services in Step Down

You can expect similar amenities and services in Step Down that you would get in other Discovery Place programs. Above all else, the Step Down program aims to help you establish your life outside of treatment.

The following are aspects of the Step Down program:

  • Comfortable living arrangements with other men in recovery
  • One recovery guide for every 6 guests at our program
  • Small program capacity means you get the one-on-one attention you need
  • Opportunities to mentor newer guests at Discovery Place or take on leadership roles within our recovery community
  • A transition from our recovery community to the greater recovery community of Tennessee with 12-Step groups and fellowship events
  • Connect with volunteer and service opportunities in the local community
  • Find suitable housing and living arrangements after graduating from the Step Down program
  • Assistance with employment opportunities including job-seeking skills and transportation to interviews
  • Amenities for comfortable living and fun, including cable television, outdoor fire pit, small golf driving range, and beach volleyball
  • Personal sessions with members of the middle Tennessee recovery community every Wednesday
  • Regular trips to the gym to establish healthy exercise habits
  • Learn how to use 12-Step recovery in everyday life to maintain sobriety and prevent relapse
  • Additional time for your body and mind to heal after drug and alcohol addiction

According to the Yale Journal of Biological Medicine, “Recovery involves creating a new life in which it is easier to not use. If individuals do not change their lives, then all the factors that contributed to their addiction will still be there.” At Discovery Place, we are here to help you build the new life you need to remain drug- and alcohol-free in the long term.

Man using the amenities at our residential treatment center in Nashville TN

What are the Benefits of Residential Treatment in Nashville?

Residential treatment, including 30-day programs, LTR, and Step Down, offers several benefits for men in recovery, such as:

  • Teaches relapse prevention techniques
  • Learn how to build a meaningful life outside of treatment
  • A supportive environment with like-minded peers 
  • Removed from triggers and stressors of everyday life
  • Build a strong foundation for establishing lifelong sobriety
  • Free aftercare services for continued recovery
  • Prepare for sober living in the “real world”
  • Positive outcomes for sustained sobriety

Overall, Discovery Place allows men to focus on their recovery without distractions in a safe and inviting environment. All in all, our programs provide the best backdrop for men who want to get and stay sober.

Who is Best Suited for Our Nashville Step Down Residential Treatment Program?

Our residential treatment step down program in Nashville is best suited to help men serious about quitting alcohol or drug use. In addition, if you have completed our 30-day and LTR program, Step Down can help you continue building skills. Step Down can last anywhere from one to another additional nine months of treatment.

Step Down is the best choice if the following apply to you:

  • You need more time to establish your life outside of treatment, like finding housing or a full-time job
  • An underlying mental health condition is driving your addiction to drugs or alcohol
  • You are new to recovery and need time to gain a foothold in the recovery community
  • High risk of relapse due to severe drug and alcohol addiction
  • Unhealthy relationships outside of treatment trigger your addictive behaviors
  • Previous attempts at rehab didn’t allow enough time for you to get the care you needed

The Step Down program at Discovery Place helps men develop all the skills necessary for a successful life after addiction treatment.

Begin Our Step Down Residential Treatment in Nashville, TN

Long-term recovery from drug and alcohol addiction takes time. You need to establish healthy habits, deal with underlying mental health symptoms, manage triggers, and build a life for yourself beyond treatment. Discovery Place offers Step Down residential treatment in Nashville, Tennessee for men who need more time in treatment after completing our 30-day and LTR programs. Contact us today to learn more about the Step Down program and other services.


  • Discovery Place was the answer for my son. He did the 90 day and then the step down program and sober living. We give this organization 10 stars. They met my son where he was …emotionally, mentally, physically. They helped him put his life back on track. Discovery Place employees care about their guests. If your son, brother, nephew, grandson or husband needs excellent supportive care THIS is indeed the facility.

    Kim Morton
    Alumni Parent
  • I have remained sober and it is because of DP. DP is the best place there is, hands down. I keep everyone there in my prayers, and I encourage everyone there to take what they are practicing and do it in their lives, after.

    Roy Mantelli
  • Over the past year, I’ve been putting into actin what Discovery Place taught me, and I have experienced a complete perspective change of the world, and the people in it. I get to be a man of service and love today, and for that I am grateful to Discovery Place.

    Matt Kassay
  • Discovery Place means the world to me. They showed me the tools that I’ve tried to use everyday in my life to think less often of myself, and more frequently of others. I am learning to lend a hand when I am able and to have a honest and humble relationship with God and the people around me. Not only am I clean and sober, but also I am happy and fulfilled.

    Tommy Parker
  • Discovery Place and the men who work there made recovery attractive, and more importantly, fun. There is strength in the struggle. I am forever grateful for my time at Discovery Place.

    Creed McClellan
  • When I got to Discovery Place my whole life was in shambles, but I didn’t know it. I spent 6 months in their programs, participating in all three phases, and was met with kindness and love all along the way. It is unbelievable to me, where I am now relative to where I was when I arrived at DP.

    Lance Duke
  • I can never say enough good things about Discovery Place and the people who work there. Before checking in to DP, I was out of options and out of answers. Fortunately, Discovery Place has a solution. Taking suggestions from the staff at DP saved my life, and as a result, I’m now more content and hopeful about life. I’m grateful for Discovery Place showing me how to live a healthy life so that I can become a better man and help the next guy.”

    Tyler Buckingham

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